Simran Writer Apurva Asrani Writes A Heartfelt Facebook Post About His Bell’s Palsy

Apurva Asrani recently revealed a tough news for his fans. His collaboration with filmmaker Hansal Mehta was much talked about.

Here’s How You Can Look Like Kangana Ranaut From Simran I Style Decode

Kangana is known for her stylish looks and fashion sense. When she is not blowing away minds with her path-breaking roles, she is seen donning sophisticated hat adding one fashionable feather after another with her numerous appearances. Looking modish as usual, here’s how Kangana Ranaut (Simran) reinforced our faith in her immensely impeccable style game. 1. For […]

Twitterati Have Reviewed ‘Simran’ And Now We Know What We Are Doing This Weekend!

After all the hustle bustle in B-town about Kangana and her ex-boyfriends, it is the time we about her movie because that is what makes her the person that she is today. Her performance in ‘Simran’ is one of the reasons why we are convinced that she is one of the best actresses that this […]

Kangana Ranaut Finally Opens Up About Apurva Asrani’s Allegations Over Stealing His Writing Credit For ‘Simran’

Kangana Ranaut has a knack for making headlines with everything she does. She has been extremely vocal about the rampant nepotism in the Hindi film industry, has delivered some of the finest acting performances of the last five years, and has found a way to alienate most of the co-stars from Bollywood. That’s no mean […]

‘Simran’ Writer Writes An Elaborate Post Alleging Kangana For Taking Undue Writing Credits

Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie Simran whizzed past our screens with its first Teaser some days back. In no time, the first look of the movie bagged an instant liking with the viewers and was loved. However, the original writer of the movie was upset with sharing the additional writing credits given to Kangana Ranaut. In […]

Simran Teaser – Kangana Reminds You Of The Adorable Rani From Queen!

After some rather intense roles in the recent past, Kangana harks back to her Queen days, in this minute-long teaser of her upcoming film, Simran. Haven’t we all missed Rani and her child-like exuberance! Kangana seems to be channeling her inner Rani in this cute teaser. Hansal Mehta, director of Shahid and Aligarh, has directed […]

Leap Of Logic – Why Couldn’t Simran Just Wait For The Next Train At The End Of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge?

Some movies are beyond iconic. They occupy a place of pride in the hearts of their audience and their relevance transcends time. One such movie is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, which propelled Shahrukh Khan and Kajol to perpetual stardom in this country. Regardless of whether the movie is actually any good or not, it is […]

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