shreyas talpade

Fans Worry As Shreyas Talpade Tweets He’s Tired Of The Industry And Plans To Quit

What is Twitter for if not for celebrities to publicly declare their innermost thought to millions of unrelated people. And of all the Bollywood bigwigs who have taken to the social media platform, some definitely do stand out. Whether it was Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut informing the nation that nepotism in fact exists or […]

KRK Ranted About How The Celebrities Who Abused Him Eventually Failed In Their Careers

KRK seriously knows only how to be a waste of space on earth. KRK has proved it time and again as to why he should disappear from the face of the planet. His recent fall out with Shreyas Talpade was in the news and Shreyas had reminded him that he messed with the wrong person. […]

Shreyas Talpade’s Tweet Shows KRK That He Messed With The Wrong Person!

KRK is known to talk absolute bullshit and his review for Poster Boys is just one more example of why this man needs to stop existing. He has always been controversy’s favorite child and people have learned the art to ignore him but Shreyas Talpade was certainly in no mood to let this one go. […]

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