Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor’s Hindi Tweet Got People Together To Point Out His Grammatical Mistake

Tharoorian is a pretty indispensable part of the Indian internet at the moment. A language for the thinking troll, Shashi Tharoor in his attempt to disprove Goswami’s exasperating farrago of distortions created another monster altogether. A good reason for every single internet user to exhaust a year’s worth of vocabulary to impress their virtual friends. […]

Shashi Tharoor Is Super Impressed With What Might Be The Best Whatsapp Forward Of All Time

Shashi Tharoor. The man, the legend, the mobile thesaurus. Source India’s 21st-century gentleman scholar has taken over the internet for a reason he could probably never have foreseen. A respectable vocabulary. Shashi Tharoor is our modern renaissance man armed with a stellar education, floppy hair and the respect of an entire online community. But despite […]

Suhel Seth Pointing Out Shashi Tharoor’s Grammatical Error Is 2018’s First Gift To Us

Fancy complicated words and Indian Politician Shashi Tharoor go hand in hand. The man is known to pick words for his tweets that send the entire nation on a Dictionary hunt!  Source From being politically active to socially active, the man is pretty awesome at everything he does but sometimes, even the best of us […]

What 10 Iconic Bollywood Dialogues Would Sound Like If Written By Shashi Tharoor

2017 has undoubtedly been the year of Shashi Tharoor getting India to collectively reach for a dictionary. Source All the man needed was one tweet, one fateful line that changed the standards of India’s vocabulary for the rest of time. Shashi Tharoor prompted a whole country to look at itself and just how basic our […]

People Aren’t Too Happy With Shashi Tharoor’s Christmas Wish And Neither Are We

Shashi Tharoor wished everyone a Merry Christmas and it was easily understood. Shashi Tharoor can make anything and everything complicated and that’s a talent. We have always been baffled by his choice of words in his tweets. Whatever said and done, we have always rushed to take the dictionary whenever he has tweeted. The witty […]

Shashi Tharoor Responds To AMUL’s Cartoon On Him With Class, Humor And More Big Words

This politician is known to voice his opinions and prove facts and distort your perceived notions. Apart from his innate intellect, Shashi Tharoor’s proficient use of English language has given him an unusual status. When  ‘The Republic’ Arnab Goswami created controversy by releasing Sunanda Murder Tapes to air which directly incriminated Shashi Tharoor for the crime, he […]

Times Now Is Condoling The Death Of The Wrong Shashi!

Shashi Kapoor passed away today, at the age of 79. A true legend who gave so much to the Hindi film industry, his demise is an irreplaceable loss to the country. However, a major news corporation erred big time in reporting the news. Times Now wrongly reported that Shashi Tharoor, and not Kapoor had passed […]

Shashi Tharoor Went Punny With Manushi Chhillar’s Surname And Boy, Twitterati Wasn’t Forgiving At All

 Manushi Chhillar is basically everywhere now and she deserves all the success. So, the Miss World crown has returned to India after 17 years. She is the one to bring the crown to India after Priyanka Chopra. The whole country has poured in wishes and we all are very proud of her. Congress leader, Shashi […]

Shashi Tharoor’s Reply To This Guy’s Marriage Proposal Is Impressing Everyone

Shashi Tharoor, the man behind a million words (none of which we understand) has a very strong fan following and people don’t hesitate in showing their love for him on social media!  Source Tharoor has always managed to be witty on the internet and this time his reaction towards a marriage proposal shows why he […]

This Picture Of Shashi Tharoor Looking At The Gandhi Family Invites Hilarious Responses From Twitter

Shashi Tharoor is quite popular on Twitter. He has a way with words and that makes him pretty popular on the platform. Last time his wordy tweet went viral on the internet and spawned various memes. Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations&outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalst — Shashi Tharoor […]

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