Featuring Themed Rooms And Erotic Amenities, Japan’s Love Hotels Are Made For Pleasure

In a world that’s increasingly fast-paced and social media obsessed and technology-driven, Japan’s love hotels are defying the trends. They’re designed to transport you to another world, and they’re open for business. Offering complete privacy for uninhibited sexual exploration, they cater to millions of couples every year, including tourists. Source A fixture of Japanese society since […]

A Room For Two: How Planning Getaways For The Sex-Deprived Became My Thing In College

When I attended college, it wasn’t just someplace where students drooled over their desks as Professors droned on about inflation in Economics. It was also a place where many people found a market to exercise their newly discovered entrepreneurship skills and supplement their weekly allowances. Me? I ran a niche charity service to help the […]

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