Sex Toys

Sex Toys For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know To Use These Handy Devices!

Even though the oldest known sex toy has been around for over a thousand years now, the mere mention of the word “dildo” still elicits giggles, a variety of interesting facial expressions, and at most times, quiet judgement. Of course, we all have our own fears and blind spots when it comes to sex, so […]

10 Questionably Sexy Products In Case You Forgot To Buy A Gift For Valentines Day

Sex is subjective. There are things many people find sexy and then things only that weird dude from the fourth floor is into. But still, thanks to the internet, you can enjoy your preferences in healthy and sometimes shady ways. There are multiple places you can buy your creepy shit from. But lurking on these […]

10 Times Our Favourite Movies And TV Shows Were Celebrated In The Shadiest Way Possible – Sex Toys

Sex toys have a time and a place. Not all times, and definitely not all places. But even though they’re not exactly family friendly, people love shoving them into places they don’t belong. Beloved children’s movies for example. Or franchises that speak to the deep conflict of a medieval economy and the onset of climate […]

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