This Filmmaker Turned Himself Into A Bionic Man By Replacing His Eyeball With Camera!

Rob Spence, a Canadian filmmaker calls himself an ‘eyeborg’. The Toronto filmmaker lost sight in one eye at the age of 9 and has been using a prosthetic glass eyeball. However, he came into limelight when he replaced his glass eyeball with a camera. The camera is not connected to his brain and provides a […]

A Potentially Hazardous Asteroid ‘2014 JO25’ Will Fly Past Earth on 19th April

If you are a space buff, there is a great news in store for you. NASA spotted a giant asteroid called ‘2014 JO25′ which will be flying by earth on 19th April. The 1-kilometer asteroid has come closest to earth than any other in 400 years. NASA clarified that it will fly past safely 1.8 million miles away […]

Popeye Was Right! Scientists Use A Spinach Leaf To Grow A Beating Human Heart

Remember those terrible childhood lunches where your mother had to convince you that palak tasted good? That god awful green leafy vegetable that somehow sat next to your paneer and insisted on tasting both raw and overcooked at the same time. Turns out people will do literally anything to not eat spinach – including turning it into […]

Is Using Cellphones At Petrol Pumps Really That Dangerous?

We carry our cellphones everywhere. Our trusty digital BFF helps us carry our world around; but is it really the best thing to do?  We’ve been told that it might not be a great idea to use mobile phones at gas and petrol stations. You surely might have seen signs like this at the petrol […]

Here’s Why You Get Goosebumps When You Listen To A Particular Song

You are having the best time of your life as you wander with your imagination with your playlist along! It’s just you and the rhythm of your favorite song, with you dancing subtly to the lyrics and then wait a minute, a shiver goes down your spine, poking your ears straight, raising the hair on […]

For The First Time Ever, NASA Plans To Send Unmanned Spacecraft To The Sun By 2018

NASA is planning to achieve the biggest feat in human history – reach the Sun by 2018. Yes, you heard it right! Humans till now have landed on the moon, explored universe and other planets in the solar system, studied cosmos and galaxies and found new planets, however, this Solar mission will be one-of-a-kind. NASA […]

ISRO Staff Celebrates Its Successful 104 Satellites Launch With Free Pizzas From Pizza Hut!

Any achievement, be it big or small, what’s the best way to celebrate? Pizza is always the answer! To celebrate the successful ISRO satellite launch of 104 satellites in one go, Pizza Hut offered free pizzas to every employee of ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation). Image source  The company, on the day of the launch […]

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