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These Letters Provide A Look Into The Fears And Reflections Of Albert Einstein

People like Albert Einstein can rarely afford the luxury of being thought of as people; especially after their deaths. Their achievements overshadow their humanity so thoroughly, that there are infinitely more people who know that E=MC squared than those who know anything remote about his personal life. Which is why the letters that were recently […]

10 Brilliant And Wacky Inventions From The Villages Of India

Humanity has never lacked for examples of unique inventions. Right from the wheel, we’ve never ceased to amaze with new and interesting things. But very often, we think of scientific discovery being something that is achieved by stern looking scientists in fancy lab coats. But that’s not necessarily true. A lot of times, invention is […]

8 Medical Miracles Whose Stories Are Too Fascinating To Believe

Medicinal science has come a long, long way. But there is no denying that there are still cases where doctors take a back seat to fate and human biology. But sometimes through sheer dumb luck or willpower, there are people who endure despite life-threatening injuries and diseases. Medical miracles who inspire us to live despite […]

Elon Musk Just Sent A Sportscar Into Space And Streamed It, Because B.A.D.A.S.S.

Elon Musk is what happens when a supervillain decides to use his powers for good instead of evil. Source For a man behind revolutionary companies like PayPal, Tesla Motors and The Boring Company, Musk’s most infamous venture has to be SpaceX. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a private Amercian Aerospace manufacturer, trying to reduce […]

7 Life-Changing Things We Wouldn’t Know About If Their Creators Weren’t High AF

Some of the most important discoveries made by mankind were done when high. Take a look.

7 Times Humanity Was Told The World Was Going To End – SPOILER ALERT, It Didn’t

GUYS THE WORLD IS GOING TO END! If you didn’t believe us great. It was a stupid idea. If you did, you enjoy the same collective IQ as the people who believed the hoaxes mentioned below. #1. 1806 And The Prophetic Hen Source Yep, this story involves a hen. People believed that the principal ingredient […]

10 Mind-Bending Inventions That Will Have You Reaching For Your Wallets In 2018

Humanity can sometimes be disappointing. Source But there’s nothing like good old-fashioned innovation and creativity that will make you appreciate just how far our species has come from living in caves. #1 Inflatable Shower Curtain Source Elisabeth Buecher’s inflatable shower curtain is designed to make you spend significantly less time in the shower. Designed to […]

10 Female Scientists Who Are Some Of The Most Brilliant Minds India Has Produced

We’re not going to pretend we understand anything about science and technology. We write for a blog. That being said India has produced some truly brilliant scientific minds. But because scientific progress isn’t nearly as sexy as celebrity Twitter wars, they often go unnoticed in mainstream media. India has produced some truly brilliant female scientists […]

From Corruption To Cows, 10 Things The World Will Hopefully Achieve By The Year 2050

No, we’re not talking about Love Story 2050. It takes mere seconds for the world to change and decades for people to notice it has. But with the world changing a mile a minute, we wonder how much could change in 4 decades? Taking into consideration how much we’ve been through, we’re just trying to […]

These 9 Indians Are So Cool, They’ve Got Planets Named After Them!

What is the most reputed award that can be given to someone for their impeccable talents and achievements? We would name colleges and schools after them, name roads or margs on their names or even set an annual award to be given on behalf of their name! However, these 9 Indians have had it bigger than anyone […]

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