How Opting For Arts 10 Years Ago Is Helping My Career Today

“You’ve scored well in your tenth standard, why take arts, it can spoil your career”.  Source I had always been the above average kid in school. I performed fairly well when it came to subjects like Math, Science and English. While the others struggled with social sciences, owing to the vast syllabus, I enjoyed reading […]

Rejoice ICSE And ISC Students, Your Minimum Passing Percentage Has Been Lowered

The dark black clouds have taken over as board examinations dates have been announced! Source It’s time for you all to stop being on social media and bury your head in your books but well, now that you are here, we might as well give you a good news.  Source Well, if you belong to […]

I Can’t Be The Only One Who Does Not Miss My School

People always keep telling me, no matter how much you hate your school, you’ll always miss it. Guess what? I DON’T. Source No. Not one bit and in fact, I am glad it’s over and I don’t have to go there every morning. I can finally be the person that I want to be without […]

This Video Shows Kamlesh As A School Kid But The Internet Is Divided

Kamlesh has turned his life around after the meme turned viral. We’re pretty sure you know who Kamlesh is. The video of Kamlesh is actually of a documentary named Nashebaaz – The Dying People of Delhi. Its trailer was released on social media in May it became viral for wrong reasons. In the video, Kamlesh, […]

A School In Kerala Has Been Granting ‘Period Leaves’ Since 1912

GHSS school in Kerala has been granting ‘period leaves’ since 1912. ‘Menstrual leaves’ have become an ongoing topic of debate. Meanwhile, records show that a government Kerala school has been permitting the students leaves since 1912. Yes, a century ago the Government Girls School in Tripunithura granted menstrual leaves. During the annual examinations, the school permitted […]

A Kerala School Has Different Uniforms For The Weaker Students

The school makes intelligent students wear white uniforms and the rest wear red. A private English school by the name ‘Al Farooque English’ in Kerala makes the kids wear uniforms on the basis of their performance. This is disheartening and bizarre at the same time. This means anyone who walks into the school will know whether the […]

West Bengal Replaces “Ram” With “Rong” And Twitter Had To Troll

West Bengal is trying to secularize school textbooks by replacing some commonly used popular Bengali terms with newer ones. The term Ramdhenu – which has been traditionally used to mean rainbow – was ‘communal’ as it literally meant bow of Lord Rama. So, it was changed to Rongdhenu to celebrate secularism. While it was an outrage on […]

10 Types Of People In Hostels That You Can Never Forget, Even If You Try

One of the best parts of college life is living in a hostel. You pack up your favorite things and move in with some strangers who become your whole life later. You create memories of a lifetime and meet people in hostels you can never forget. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try. So, here’s a […]

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