Feeling Bad About Your Break Up? This Guy’s Savage Reply To His Ex Will Make Your Day

Breakups and heartbreaks are really tough to deal with. Most of our emotions are haywire and we can’t help but wonder, ‘why me?’ Everyone has their own way to deal with post break up blues. Some resort to eating chocolates, or going out with their friends or try to wash all our feelings with some beer. […]

This Reddit Thread Roasting Rahul Gandhi Features The Most Savage Burns!

Rahul Gandhi is a favorite topic of jokes, and this is especially true on twitter. He has been the feature of many memes and has kept us entertained for hours with his ‘quirky’ persona. This time, however, the Internet, it seems to have opened floodgates for trolling. Reddit India has a thread called ‘The roast of […]

These Comments Prove That Indian YouTube Is A Savage AF Place To Be On!

YouTube is the internet’s quicksand. You might trespass it thinking it is safe, but it can turn into a savage in an instant. Most of us are guilty of getting stuck in the comment section of the video. No matter how great the video is there is always that one person who has the worst yet […]

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