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Shah Rukh Khan Made A Sassy Comeback When A Journalist Called Him ‘Salman Khan’ Repeatedly

There’s a reason why Shah Rukh Khan is called the wittiest of them all! Shah Rukh Khan is known for his sense of humor and sass, of course. This man has some classy comebacks and knows what to say when. Recently, the superstar was at an event for Star and a journalist called him ‘Salman […]

6 Bollywood Items That Were Auctioned For Way Too Much Moolah

Going once, going twice and sold! The items used by our favorite Bollywood stars are invaluable for any Bollywood lover. The way the movie industry makes us fall in love with everything is beyond your imagination. So, some of the costumes are auctioned for the cinema lovers and most of the times the money collected […]

9 Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Their Own Apps; Now You Can Connect With Them

There was a time when Bollywood celebrities used to write back to their fans to communicate with them and now we have apps. Many Bollywood actors are now coming up with unique and tech-forward ways to connect with their fans. 1. Salman Khan Source Superstar Salman Khan on his 51st birthday on Tuesday launched a […]

यह क्या पहन के रखा हैं? – 10 Bollywood Costumes That Did Not Stand The Test Of Time

Costumes are really important to a movie. There are so many elements that make up a frame that even the best actors need some help to stand out despite the noise. Bollywood costumes are no exception. But sometimes, actors tend to wear some truly horrendous clothes. We understand some things are a product of their […]

Bigg Boss is Quizzing Fans On The Line-Up For Their Latest Season On Twitter, But Don’t Think Too Hard, The Answers Are Disappointing

Bigg Boss is gearing up for season 11 and the fans couldn’t be more excited. With Salman set to host and the line-up for the show yet under wraps, show-makers are going all out to get people as hyped as possible. Source And knowing a majority of their fanbase is online and hustling for a glimpse […]

Vivek Oberoi: “It Was Like A Fatwa Was Issued Against Me” On The Salman Khan Controversy

It was the year 2003 when Vivek Anand Oberoi called for a press conference where he revealed that Salman Khan threatened him with several calls during his affair with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Vivek had a promising debut in Bollywood. With RGV’s Company, he proved that his passion for acting.  And when Yash Raj’s  Saathiya was released he was declared a […]

Salman Khan Helps Abhishek Bachchan Reach Aishwarya In This Old Movie Clip!

In a weird case of real life imitating reel, we have found an old clip of Salman Khan leading Abhishek Bachchan straight to Aishwarya Rai! This proves two things- 1. That sometimes what they show in the movies, is replicated in real life. and 2. We are really jobless people. The clip in question is […]

10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Worked For These Roles Without Charging Any Money

Celebrities are known to earn loads of money. Not only do they act in the movies but Bollywood industry has opened multiple doors for its inhabitants to earn. While some take it through advertising, brand campaigns, cameos or even modeling, many also open up parallel production houses to make sure that their bank accounts are […]

6 Salman Khan Cameos That He Likely Wants To Forget!

Salman Khan has made numerous cameo appearances in movies. Owing to his big heart (duh!) he has obliged many a family and friends for guest appearances in their movies. And whereas some of them were good, and memorable (trust me, I was rooting for Aman to marry Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai), some of […]

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