10 Very Real But Weirdly Specific Jobs That People Get Paid To Do

We’ve all worked jobs we love and jobs we despise. But there aren’t that many of us who can go around claiming these job titles which logically exist, but are so strange, it’s hard to really wrap our heads around them. #1 Train Pushers Source In Japan, there are attendants known as “oshiya” who can […]

Want To Feel Really Poor? Here Is How Much Salary The PMs Of The World Take Home

 Here is approximately how much the Prime Ministers of the world earn.

Hi Everyone, I Really Need To Increase My Salary, So Could You Please Read This?

Oh…hi. You’re here already. So I really didn’t plan for this. But now that you’re here, it is my duty to mildly amuse you. In fact, let me be the first to say “hi”. But as mentioned, I’m short on cash, so here’s a Shutterstock image I couldn’t afford to download. Source So what can […]

Do You Have Any Fixed Deposit? Banks Deduct TDS & Here’s How You Can Save Your Tax

It’s the time of the year where we curse the government and have to fill out endless forms because of the income tax requisite. As an adult who is working, we have certain responsibilities that can’t be procrastinated. So, if you are earning a certain X amount and have deposited some of it as Fixed […]

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