9 Evergreen Bollywood Songs That Were Ruined By Rappers, Remixes And Autotune

Bollywood is something that is extremely close to most Indians. And what do producers do time and again? They peddle us songs by trying to cash in on the nostalgia and in this process, they ruined our memories. Here are a few songs that filmmakers decided to remix and ruin for all of us. 1. […]

If You Find These Images Funny, Internet Has Definitely Ruined You

Internet is the home for sugar, spice and everything not nice. One of the biggest upsides to spending way too much time on the internet is getting aware of the world around us. What level of awareness is too much awareness, you ask? Well, these images are going to prove it that you’ve been spending […]

Padmavati Artwork Allegedly Destroyed By Protestors Chanting “Jai Sri Ram”

Such is the craze of ‘Padmavati’ that even before its release a Surat-based artist took 48 hours to create a ‘Deepika Padukone’ rangoli which was unfortunately destroyed the protestors. Surat-based Karan K was taken aback when all his hard work and patience was rubbed out by protestors who barged in screaming ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and […]

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