5 Ridiculous Pieces Of Technology In Bollywood Movies That Would Never Work in Real Life

Bollywood is weird right? Like movies, in general, are weird. They expect us to believe in extremely unrealistic things. Like aliens, and Ram Gopal Varma’s AAG. Source But there are some things that have been firmly established by qualified scientists. Physical laws that our world must follow. Bollywood sees this and then firmly tells it […]

10 Times Our Favourite Movies And TV Shows Were Celebrated In The Shadiest Way Possible – Sex Toys

Sex toys have a time and a place. Not all times, and definitely not all places. But even though they’re not exactly family friendly, people love shoving them into places they don’t belong. Beloved children’s movies for example. Or franchises that speak to the deep conflict of a medieval economy and the onset of climate […]

These 15 Hilarious Yet Sad Headlines Prove That Air India Has Been Having A Really Hard Time Lately

So guys, when is the last time you traveled by Air India? Source Hey, don’t laugh, sometimes they have nice offers. And sometimes there’s just no other options left. We could have done something about how Air India, a once prestigious institution has become a laughing stock for most people and how they still do […]

Some Video Games Are Fun For The Whole Family, These 7 Are Not!

Video games are still too weird for their own good. Even today, the games we play might not be the best for our parents to look at. But if your parents are anything like mine, they’ll walk into your room anyway. Because if you lock the door, they’ll just tell you they own the lock. […]

10 Ridiculously Expensive Versions Of The Things You Use In Your Toilets and Bathrooms Everyday

Our toilets are important to us. Our day begins in the toilet and if we get too drunk, it ends in the toilet. Toilets are the one place where we can be ourselves. It is the place we can be alone with our thoughts, alone with our Tinder and alone with our pornography. We brush […]

From Ghosts To Shitting On Houseplants, These Redditors Believed Some Really Stupid Things During Childhood

Childhood was a simpler time. You didn’t need the internet to have fun, you just needed to pick your nose. Source But childhood was also a confusing time. Because most of us couldn’t really take care of ourselves. We relied on our moms and dads to sort our shit out while we were sorting out […]

Why Do TV Shows And Movies Always Go To The Sexy Part When My Mom Walks In?

So as Indians, a lot of us live with our parents right? Which means kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahin, our parents will catch us watching something “sexy”. Source (L), (R) Very often, these sexy things are inappropriate. We tend to watch pornography after a certain age. But most of us have the good sense […]

This Mother’s Trick To Check Her Daughter Whereabouts Is Pure Genius

Do you remember the time when we wanted to go for sleepovers and needed our parents’ permission? (Who am I kidding? I still need permission) OR Our early college days when we used to meet our friends or go out on the date and give an excuse of so- called ‘college fest’? The absolute favourite; going […]

Bigg Boss “Star” Swami Om Was Reportedly Arrested For Stealing Cycles 9 Years Ago

Swami Om sky rocketed to fame after he showcased his talent on Bigg Boss, Season 10 by peeing on people. Because, talent. Source But the man is not done with his wacky shenanigans, for which news houses and blog around the country can’t help but thank him. “What did he do this time?” you might ask. […]

Who The Hell Was Asking For These Completely Pointless Inventions? WHO?

Technology is one of the greatest things planet earth has going for it. Because in a world where you can communicate with someone a few countries away in a shorter period of time than it takes to pee, life has to be pretty good. We live in a luxurious world compared to most of our […]

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