10 Times Hindi Song Lyrics Perfectly Described Our Favourite Bollywood Actors

We don’t know Bollywood actors right? At least not personally, even though we like to think we do. Source But amidst all the press coverage and the mayhem surrounding their personal lives, the real life of a Bollywood actor is far beyond our knowledge and thankfully so. After all, who really wants to know if […]

Celebrate Dhanteras With 11 Tweets That Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

So, Dhanteras is here, which means it’s time to tell your boss you’re going home to meet your family.And then go to the bar to meet 750 ml of Old Monk. Source But there is more to this festival than purely material pleasures, like gifts and gold on Dhanteras. It’s about love and togetherness and […]

16 KBC Memes That Make Paying Your Internet Bills Totally Worth It

Have you watched Kaun Banega Crorepati? Yes. ¬† Source The show has taken over everything you care about. From making sure that you feel like an ignorant moron over dinner to interrupting all sexy activities between 9 pm to 10 pm. The show is unstoppable, inescapable and pretty fun to watch when you get over […]

13 Totally Unrelated Tweets That Will Make Your Friday Go A Little Faster

Friday is here. One more day before you can stop wearing pants in the morning, yay! ¬†Source Friday is the almost there day. The day where you’re inexplicably close to the weekend. You know you can make it, but you’re not sure how. Because even as the clock ticks away, and the possibilities that the […]

10 Indian Brands That Are WAY Better Than Their Western Counterparts

We need things to life our useless lives. These things are usually branded. Some brands are an integral part of our life…some not so much. Source These Indian brands have been with us from the very start. For two very important reasons. Firstly, they tend to be cheaper in the long run. Secondly, it takes […]

This Stand Up Comedian’s Tale Of Studying In A Govt School Will Take You Back To Childhood

Siddharth Dudeja is the freshly minted comedian in the world of stand up comedy. What’s different about him is his ‘no care in the world’ demeanor, unlike the ‘happily ever after’ faces of other comedians, that instantly makes us feel less guilty for not being super energetic throughout the day! Also, is the talent behind […]

Completely Pointless But Funny Tweets About Hrithik And Kangana’s Pointless Argument

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it legitimate news? It’s Hrithik and Kangana fighting again! So. Should everyone shut up about this and move on with their lives? Hrithik and Kangana might disagree and hash it out, but the rest of us should right? It can’t be healthy to obsess over something […]

What Could Possibly Make The Blockbuster IT More Terrifying? A Hilarious Punjabi Voice-over

The movie IT combined things everyone finds terrifying – Demonic clowns and tickets that cost more than you rent. Source The 2017 reboot of the popular franchise was a huge hit, practically a textbook on how to scare an audience while simultaneously drowning them in a wave of nostalgia. Because not only did they successfully […]

Twitter User Tries To Troll Aadhar’s Twitter Account And Their Sass Catches Everyone Offguard

So Aadhar cards are now a thing. Because people looked at a PAN number and thought – that number is way too easy to memorize. Source But, despite minor inconveniences, the unique identity number resolves more issues than it creates. But India can’t really be grateful about anything, including the Aadhar Card without trolling online. […]

8 Extremely Unfortunate Underwear Trends Throughout History

Everybody is wearing underwear, hopefully. Everyone is happy about it, again, hopefully. Underwear serves an important but simple function, keeping the “andar ki baat’ where it’s meant to be, “andar”. It protects your most important bits from the wind, rain, heat and cold. It’s warm, comfortable and practical, all at the same time. But like […]

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