Richa Chadda

Richa Chadda Is Not Pleased With Fans Who Chased Her On Motorcycles Asking For A Selfie

Bollywood fans a little obsessed, let us safely agree on this. SourceĀ  An industry that has realized thousands of dreams is bound to have an enviable following. But unlike other countries, India goes a little overboard when showing their appreciation for the whole thing. Which is something Richa Chadda discovered to her detriment this weekend. […]

AIB Takes An Honest Dig On ‘Harassment Through The Ages’ In Bollywood!

Bollywood creates these iconic love stories andĀ sets impossible ideals for us normal folks. However, there is no need to feel bad. If you look closer most Bollywood films are just masquerading harassment as love stories. A hero following his leading lady despite her consent and then forcefully making her fall in love with him. Does […]

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