This New Short Film Called Kajal Is The Best Thing You Can Watch On YouTube Right Now

Short-films have become a norm in the ever expanding Hindi film industry. Providing a larger audience base and a decent amount of exposure to reiterate the belief in ‘content is king’, we’re seeing a huge surge in quality short films making their way into our YouTube feeds. One such short film is Kajal. Time and […]

[Review] Padmaavat Will Be Remembered For Being India’s Most Misunderstood Film

The journey of every film begins when a writer gets convinced by an idea they may or may not have discarded in the past. The legend of Queen Padmavati too has convinced artists to immortalize her story in various forms. However, no artist has ever been so convinced by Queen Padmavati’s story as Sanjay Leela […]

Twitter User Lists 26 Logical Flaws In Vivah And It’s So Accurate It’s Gone Crazy Viral

This Sooraj Barjatya will make you mad. Very mad. The Vivah movie is not for the feeble.

This Weekend Looks Set As The First Reviews Of Mukkabaaz and Kalakandi Are Out On Twitter

This weekend is all about the clash of two box-office behemoths – Anurag Kashyap and Saif Ali Khan. With Mukkabaaz and Kalakaandi releasing today, Twitter is buzzing with first reviews. Here’s how Twitter feels about Mukkabaaz: #1 #Mukkabaaz : A brilliant film on Boxing with good emotions and action, Outstanding performance by @ItsVineetSingh . Brilliant […]

Indians Are Pointing Out The Stupidity In Historians Reviewing A Fictional Film

Padmavati’s faith still remains undecided. The CBFC has set up a six-member panel to review Padmavati. BL Gupta and RS Khangarot are reportedly amongst the members of the panel.  In November, Khangarot argued on The Print website that “There is evidence that Padmini existed”, “This movie [Padmavati] attempts to romanticise jauhar”. and that “The movie, I believe, has […]

An Insignificant Man Is The Most Significant Documentary Of Our Time

An Insignificant man is about this guy who went through hell and worse to clean the gutter that is Indian politics. Delhi is not just a piece of land, it’s an amalgam of several cultures and people who proudly claim themselves to be Dilliwalas. Yeh sheher nahi, mehfil hai. I’ve spent almost my entire life […]

Celebrities Went For A Special Screening Of Secret Superstar And They Cannot Stop Raving

Secret Superstar is possibly the most awaited Diwali release this year. The movie has already made all the right noise due to Aamir Khan’s eccentric role in the film. Source The movie stars Zaira Wasim and Meher Vij and is directed by Advait Chandan. The film deals with 15-year-old Insiya (Wasim) who isn’t that great a student but […]

In The Age Of Realistic And Dark Superheroes, Amazon’s Original Show The Tick Comes As A Refreshing Break From The Rest

Amazon Original Show The Tick doesn’t care much about realism and perfectly parodies the new-age superhero genre. Recently, we’ve received our fair share of superhero content from Marvel & DC in the form of their cinematic universes and their extended TV universe. We’ve seen how DC has been pushing out ‘dark and realistic’ movies and […]

Movie Review: Dunkirk Is A Cinematic Experience That Can Only Be Enjoyed Fully On The Big Screen

Go and watch Dunkirk for the experience. Everything else is secondary. For those who want a spoiler free-review, here it is: Hyper real, claustrophobic, immersive, impressionistic and very anti-Spielberg. I still cannot get over the striking similarities in the way Nolan framed the aircraft sequences with Son of Saul. There are multiple tight closeups to […]

This New Show Is Better Than Game Of Thrones & Here’s Why You Should Watch It Right Now

Remember, there will be gods, and there will be blood. If you are looking for a show to binge on this weekend, American Gods is definitely the way to go. It’s a relentless barrage of information that, at no moment, feels unimportant with a great visual narrative keeping the story going. It keeps you at […]

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