10 Quirky Theme Restaurants In India You Must Ditch Your Usual Candlelight Dinner For

Planning a date night? How about doing something unconventional this time? Because mainstream candlelight dinners are too cliched, right? But if you must do dinner, here are 10 restaurants in India that are everything but usual. These themed restaurants are uber cool and have a completely quirky concept, something that is new for our usual […]

14 Of The Most Creative And Unfortunate Restaurant Names From Around The World

Let us all take a moment to appreciate restaurants. For a nominal fee, they make food appear in front of our lazy faces and we never give them the credit they’re due. Because just like pop stars and actors, it’s not enough that a restaurant should just be good at one thing. They’re expected to […]

10 Common Types Of People You Will Find At Most Indian Restaurants

We Indians love our food and are quite serious about it. Naturally, we take the choice of restaurant seriously. Any time you visit a restaurant you will notice certain idiosyncrasies. Indian people at restaurants are the funniest if you are keen at observing them, especially when they are around food. We We desis have issues that are totally […]

There Is A Cafe In Ahmedabad Where Your Bill Is Already Paid By The Previous Customer!

“Atithi Devo Bhava” is the belief they live by! Have you ever been to a restaurant where you were treated as if you are a family member and the food so delicious that you feel like it’s your ‘Maa k haath ka khana‘? Little acts of kindness usually have an everlasting impact on someone’s life. Source […]

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