Break Up Sex: The Good, The Bad, And The Better Truths Of Getting Under The Sheets One Last Time!

Breakup sex is bittersweet. It’s passionate. It’s demanding. It’s squeezing all of the emotions involved in your relationship into a few hours and making love to each other one last time. Can you really handle that? Most people can’t. That’s probably why it doesn’t happen so often. But if it does, you might as well […]

15 Of The Dumbest Possible Reasons People Got Brutally Dumped, As Told By Reddit

Breakups aren’t fun for anybody. Except for the producers of ice-cream and alcohol. But whether you’re the dumper or the dumped, there’s typically a good reason for ending a personal connection to someone special. Unless you’re one of these people, in which case any old excuse will do. So savour some of the biggest douchebags […]

Stop Telling Me I Don’t Need A Relationship To Be Happy, Okay?

Have you ever been lonely? Alone in a crowd? Alone at a party where everyone has someone to turn to when the slow songs start playing? I have. And it sucks. I’m 24, single, and it sucks. There, I said it. It feels good to stop pretending I’m doing great. I mean on most days, […]

8 Red Flags You’re Bound To See When You Are With Someone Extremely Selfish

A person who is selfish will only concentrate on their own well being, personal interests, and advantages without regard for others.  Source The company of selfish people can be very toxic and unhealthy. They tend to ‘use and abuse’ emotionally available people eventually draining them out. You need to be very careful when you either […]

8 Pieces Of Bad Relationship Advise That Friends Really Need To Stop Giving

BREAKING NEWS: Relationships require a lot of work. We have all been in various kinds of relationships but how many times has it happened that you regret the decision of breaking up with someone maybe because your friends didn’t like him/her very much or maybe your sibling was too protective about you or maybe you […]

As A 23 Year Old, I Have 7 Pieces Of Relationship Advice I Hope You’ll Take

So I have absolutely no right to be doing this. Like, who would possibly listen to a 23-year-old about anything? If you want to know about taxes and shit, you’d ask someone older than 30. If you wanted to know about “cool” stuff, you’d ask a 16-year-old. Being in your 20s is pretty shitty overall […]

Is It Possible For You To Love Someone And Still Break Up With Them?

To the person I love, How many times will I give you a chance? I don’t understand why I am allowing you to be a part of my life. What is it about you that makes it so difficult for me to let you go? All of my friends are asking me the same question […]

Here’s Why Long Distance Relationships Aren’t That Hard!

Let me first clarify. Yes, long distance relationships are hard. But they aren’t as difficult as most people perceive them to be. It surely hurts when we can’t be with our loved ones, especially when they need it. But the way it has been judged, misunderstood bothers me. I happened to Google long distance relationships […]

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