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4 Steps To Get Over Someone You Were Never Really In A Relationship With!

As lovers in a time of love without labels, we are no longer bound by the standard set of rules that defined relationships of old. We find someone we click with, exchange numbers and spend hours texting and getting close without actually knowing where we’re headed. And when we finally do realize that we’re going […]

8 Compliments The Men In Your Life Would Most Definitely Love To Hear From You!

It’s no secret.  A little open affection goes a long way in ensuring both partners feel cherished, desired and respected in a relationship. But a lot of men are unfortunately often denied their fair share of compliments simply because we women don’t know what to say and how to say it. We can’t just get […]

7 Increasingly Stupid Things To Do To Get Your Crush To Notice You In 2018

It’s 2018! An unenthusiastic “yay” is in order. So yay. But nothing about New Year’s Eve is going to make you feel shittier than all the unnecessarily happy couples you will be surrounded with when the clock strikes 12. And what’s going to make you feel even shittier? Your crush standing 10 feet away, enjoying […]

7 Of The Shittiest “Cheap First Date Ideas” We Found On The Internet

Love is the worst. Not because it’s hard to find. Woh to sab jaga mil jaata hain. Love is like a Ferrari. It’s technically easy to find, but cannot be maintained on Indian roads. But because Indians are optimistic to a fault, we try repeatedly to make love happen. We make movies, sing songs about people […]

Is The Guy You’re Dating A Keeper? Here Are 10 Signs To Know For Sure!

How many times have you found yourself in a relationship with someone you were amazed by at first but then ended up being… disappointed? All too often, relationships end because the people involved don’t have what it takes to keep it thriving through the good times and the bad. But if your guy you’re currently […]

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