When Rekha Got Super Candid About Amitabh Bachchan In An Interview With Simi Garewal

One of the most mysterious affairs that have surged up in Bollywood has to be between Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha. Whether or not there ever was something between the two co-actors is as mysterious as the Bermuda triangle, but we have to say that the two had a chemistry that could make anyone believe the […]

These 10 Bollywood Superstars Are Not Known By Their Real Names

Even the greatest actor to have ever been born in the country had to change his name to cater to the unspoken norms of the time. Did you know Dilip Kumar’s real name is Mohammad Yusuf Khan? There are many who adopted a screen name before entering the glamour-infused industry named Bollywood. The name game […]

11 Bollywood Films That Sailed On The Shoulders Of Its Strong Female Characters

There’s a pattern we noticed and we are not happy about it. Can we safely say that women in Bollywood have been underestimated? We took a look at the most memorable women in Bollywood in the past decade. The roles which were a lot more than just a Simran whose bauji wanted to give her […]

21 Bollywood Actresses And 1 Actor Who Have Starred In Lux Beauty Ads Through The Years

Lux is the kind if soap your grandma used, your mom uses and you pretend not to use. Source The Lux brand has been around forever, and it has never really changed what it stands for. The feminine, glamorous and beautiful women they have used to embody their target audience have changed over the years […]

14 Bollywood Celebs Who Have Aged Gracefully Over The Years

They say youthfulness doesn’t last. They say age catches up with beauty. Age is just a number and nobody can prove it right more than these Bollywood celebrities who are still in the industry for the past decades. In fact, like old wine, they just seem to be getting better with age. Here are all the celebs […]

Rekha’s Death Scene From The Movie ‘Deedar-E-Yaar’ Will Make Want To Die In Style!

I promise you this article is not clickbaity. It is because I deeply care for you, that I want to share this freaking amazing thing I found on the internet. It is Rekha’s death scene in film ‘Deedar-E-Yaar’. Normal people die, they shut their eyes and pass off to another realm. Maybe they become stars. […]

A Decade Ago, ‘Sex And The City’ Was Adapted By Bollywood And Rekha Was Samantha

Yes a decade ago, Mahima Chaudhary played Carrie Bradshaw. A decade ago, ‘Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana’ released and we forgot about it. This movie starred Rekha, Mahima Chaudhary, Kim Sharma, and Vasundra Das. We can see Ashmit Patel and Nikhil Chinnapa in the trailer. It was quite a forgettable movie. We came across the trailer and […]

10 Screenshots From Akshay Kumar’s Music Videos That Prove He’s Not The Best At Hitting On Women

When you think Akshay Kumar, you probably think of a suave man who has made a pretty big name for himself in the industry. Having stuck around for a long time, he’s been at the top of his game for a while now. But look back far enough into anyone’s past and you can dig […]

13 WTF Stardust Magazine Covers That Will Make You Say ‘What Were They Thinking?’

Stardust Magazine was one of the earliest periodicals that dealt with Bollywood stars and the gossip surrounding them. Even though it was never the highest standard of journalism, it did have its place amongst fans. But like everything else made in India, if you look far behind, you’ll find something shady in its history. Thankfully […]

These Posters Prove That Deepika Padukone Is Our Generation’s Timeless Beauty!

We swooned over the floor with her ‘hand wave’ as we saw her for the first time on the screen in ‘Om Shanti Om’. And since then time has stood still with those dimples! Her journey has been one spectacular spiral, with her toggling between versatile roles from the ‘Veronica’ to ‘Leela’ to ‘Piku’ and then […]

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