When The Iceland Cricket Team Needed Help, Internet Came To The Rescue

Cricket as a sport is slowly creeping its way into the hearts of millions outside the sub-continent. One such country is Iceland; but for it to become a grass-roots sport in the country they needed the Internet to help out. A few days back, some good folks at r/cricket sub-reddit started a crowd-funding campaign to […]

Reddit Users Found A Hilarious Fake Ad About Raina And Kohli

Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai… We all understand the annoyance of weird advertisements masquerading as legitimate news. Every time you go on a certain website, you find advertisements posing as a legitimate news story. One particular Reddit user has managed to find something similar. In his post, he pointed out an advertisement about Indian […]

A Reddit Thread Asked People To Predict The Next One Year & They’ve Come Up With Some Gems

Diwali is a great time to be alive. What better way to celebrate a festival than to sit around and complete work from home? Source But you saw this coming right? You knew you’d be spending your morning desperately typing into a keyboard so you could save your afternoon from being taken over by work. […]

From Ghosts To Shitting On Houseplants, These Redditors Believed Some Really Stupid Things During Childhood

Childhood was a simpler time. You didn’t need the internet to have fun, you just needed to pick your nose. Source But childhood was also a confusing time. Because most of us couldn’t really take care of ourselves. We relied on our moms and dads to sort our shit out while we were sorting out […]

Redditors Speak Up About The Lamest Jokes They’ve Ever Heard And They’re So Bad, They’re Brilliant

Jokes are subjective. Which is why most of mine aren’t funny. But there will always be a special category on Reddit for those jokes that deserve credit just for being unique. Or at least uniquely terrible. Jokes so bad that you laugh out of pure pity and embarrassment for the poor fool who cracked them […]

This Reporter Went A Little Too Far Covering Monsoon News And Got Heavily Trolled!

If I ask you, till what lengths are you ready to go for your work, what will be your answer? You might resort to working till wee hours, on weekends, not sleeping for 3 days or even something crazy. But this reporter took his work way too seriously. A news reporter of news nation was apparently […]

This Man Got Fired By His Manager For Leaving His Team’s WhatsApp Group!

Getting fired from one’s job is in itself a very painful pinch. Not only is it a direct attack on our self-worth and esteem, it seems cruel and definitely disastrous to the resume. However what can be crueler is when the reason for you getting fired is simply unrealistic. What is the most bizarre reason […]

People Get Annoyed About The Randomest Stuff, Here Is A Hilarious Reddit Thread To Prove It!

Humans have a unique ability to get offended or annoyed by the weirdest and pettiest of things. The #instaage has made us impatient, hence increasing our capacity of getting riled up for the slightest 0f reasons. Reddit proves this assumption. If you think you are the only one who lacks patience, you are wrong. These Reddit users […]

If You Think You Have The Most Annoying Coworkers, You Are Wrong, These 11 People Have It Worse!

An office is a battlefield. Some days the slightest things can trigger you into a rage. 99% of the times, however, it happens to be that annoying coworker. No matter how awesome your workplace or work culture is, there is that one errant human breaking all the rules of decency. No matter how much you […]

Reddit Carried A ‘Roast For Arvind Kejriwal’ And ‘Aam Aadmi’ Is Equally Good At It!

Once upon a time, India exercised its right to freedom of speech only against social ailments! Politicians were seldom an object of expression, excluding the comics or journalists! However, recently, the American culture of roasting politicians openly has set Indians on fire as well! When it comes to Arvind Kejriwal, the ‘aam aadmi’ gets quite […]

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