9 Evergreen Bollywood Songs That Were Ruined By Rappers, Remixes And Autotune

Bollywood is something that is extremely close to most Indians. And what do producers do time and again? They peddle us songs by trying to cash in on the nostalgia and in this process, they ruined our memories. Here are a few songs that filmmakers decided to remix and ruin for all of us. 1. […]

Do You Know The Actual Names Of Your Favourite Desi Rappers?

Rappers are basically a talented chunk of people who were far more better at poetry recitations than we would be at “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. They master the skills to memorize lyrics, put them in perfect rhyme and form meaningful (sometimes) sentences to go along with a song. Given the way our Music Industry is […]

Here Are The Lesser Known Wives Of Your Favourite Rappers!

We have heard them. We love them. But whom do they love? Here, we present to you the lesser known better halves of your favourite rappers. From Yo Yo Honey Singh, to Baadshah, everyone has that someone special in their lives. Some of them are married, some aren’t. But their love stories are cute, nonetheless. […]

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