Rani Mukherjee

We Tried To Pick Out The Most Iconic Bollywood Costumes From The Last 5 Decades

Bollywood would be nothing without its costumes. From the dramatic and bold to the grounded and every day – there’s nothing quite like it that captures the essence of India’s style progression. Because while not too many keep up with designers and fashion trends, everyone religiously goes to the movies. So we tried to look […]

10 Times Journalists Asked Bollywood Celebrities Hilariously Rude Questions

Bollywood interviews and press junkets are awkward as hell. not necessarily because of what the group has gathered to talk about. But because of the amazingly ballsy journalists who ask Bollywood celebrities questionable things. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to all entertainment writers, most are just making a living. But some are just bored enough to […]

10 Brilliant Wardrobe Pieces From Mujhse Dosti Karoge That Make Us Wonder What People Were Smoking On Set

“Kehdo Ke Tum Mere Dil Mein Rahoge, Kehdo Ke Tum Mujhse Dosti Karoge” Such a sweet sentiment. A proposal one friend has for another. A request to build a lasting and fruitful relationship. And you know the best part of friendship? Borrowing each other’s weed. Which is probably what each character was doing throughout Mujhse […]

Suniel Shetty’s Dialogue From Dhadkan Has Been Given The Meme Treatment And There Is No Telling How Far Twitter Will Take It

There is nothing Indians on Twitter love more than memes and Bollywood. Regardless of time and weather, There is always a minute to spare and make unnecessary jokes that will make this country laugh again. The latest star to receive this treatment is Suniel Shetty, whose movie “Dhadkan” will now forever be remembered as “woh […]

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