Rahul Gandhi Trolled

Twitter Couldn’t Stop Laughing As Rahul Gandhi Called Bangalore A State

Rahul Gandhi called Bangalore a state and blurted in a speech. The Vice President of the Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi has always been in limelight. Or should we say his speeches are more popular than him? So, Rahul Gandhi was at the launch of Indira canteen and made two blunders. This is what he […]

Let’s Celebrate Rahul Gandhi’s Birthday With These Hilarious Memes!

Rahul Gandhi is less known for his political career and more for his memes on the internet. He’s everyone’s favorite target when he comes to Chota Bheem memes and the internet has produced some really epic ones! The Vice President of the Indian National Congress Party is celebrating his birthday today and we decided to […]

Rahul Gandhi’s Name Proposed In Guinness Book Of World Records For Losing 27 Elections

Rahul Gandhi, is already very famous for his speeches and memes, but now the mama’s boy has gone international, for all the wrong reasons! A student approached the Guinness World Records and requested to enlist Rahul Gandhi’s name for losing 27 elections in the country. Source Vishal Diwan, who is an engineering student from Hoshangabad […]

Rahul Gandhi Opened His Mouth Once Again And Obviously Twitter Had A Laughter Riot!

When it comes to Rahul Gandhi, Twitter has a daily quota of trolling him. The politician has to simply speak a word and Twitter would do all that’s left! So much so, that sometimes we pity the poor chap! But it seems Rahul is a magnet to trolls since he makes sure his lack of […]

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