Rahul Gandhi Tweets That He Will Be Taking A Family Break And Twitter Trolls Join In The Fun

All of us need a break from the regular hustle of life. It is a relief to get away from a jam-packed schedule for a few days.  This break is usually spent vacationing outstation or meeting with family and other relatives. Rahul Gandhi apparently had the same idea and had his vacation planned, he chose […]

This Reddit Thread Roasting Rahul Gandhi Features The Most Savage Burns!

Rahul Gandhi is a favorite topic of jokes, and this is especially true on twitter. He has been the feature of many memes and has kept us entertained for hours with his ‘quirky’ persona. This time, however, the Internet, it seems to have opened floodgates for trolling. Reddit India has a thread called ‘The roast of […]

Rahul Gandhi Suffers From Another Foot In The Mouth Moment Talking About Michelle Obama & Twitter Goes Nuts

Just when you start sympathizing with Rahul Gandhi, he has yet another foot-in-the-mouth moment. I bet Indians use twitter just to keep updated on his goof-ups. The man is an instant content creator on the microblogging website. At a rally today in Jaunpur for UP elections, Rahul Gandhi spoke about making UP the manufacturing hub of […]

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