Priyanka Chopra

10 Of Bollywood’s Darkest Off-Beat Comedies To Bring Some Joy To Your Evil Soul

Between apathy and sarcastic disdain there lies an emotion called joy that isn’t too familiar to some of us. Not due to clinical depression of genuine obstacles, but because we’re dicks. Horrible human beings who aren’t too keen to jump in and laugh everytime a puppy does something remotely puppy-ish. But for us, there’s a […]

Rajeev Masand Calls Out Sexist Headline That Can’t Believe Priyanka Chopra’s Fees

“Priyanka Chopra isn’t really a big deal,” said no one ever. Well, at least not after the year 2000. Source Being one of the rare Bollywood names to make a mark in Hollywood and American culture overall, Priyanka Chopra is a powerhouse all on her own. After having achieved the success she worked so hard […]

10 Of The Most Daring And Important Stuntspeople Who’ve Made Bollywood Movies Magical

Bollywood relies heavily on action and giant set pieces to make its movies more marketable. But despite many of our actors being at the top of their game, not all of them are able to do the kind of stuff they are seen doing on screen. Jumping through glass, onto cars and off of buildings, they […]

12 Bollywood Actors Who Are Changing Indian Cinema Through Their Own Production Houses

There is more to an actor than what we see. If you are thinking that actors are only interested in acting, you may want to reiterate that thought. Most popular actors  have certain endorsements, events, social media sponsored posts, if nothing else. There are people with sharp acting skills and sharper business minds. They grab all […]

15 Newspaper Headlines Inspired By Your Favourite Bollywood Films

Bollywood exists in a special dimension where the possibilities and budgets are endless. If there is a 0.0001 percent chance that something is going to work out, you bet your ass Bollywood will find a way to make it work out. Daughter’s been kidnapped for more than 48 hours? No problem. Source Have unfinished business […]

10 Favourite Movies Of Celebrated Bollywood Actors And Actresses

Bollywood actors are just like us, except glamorous, rich and unnaturally good looking. But they’re still human, so there must be something they have in common with their fans. And since it’s not body compositions or paychecks, we’ll settle for films. Because no matter who you are, everyone has a film they use to pick […]

Meet The People Behind Your Favourite Bollywood Celebrities, Their Parents

“Yeh toh sach hai ki bhagwaan hai…” We often dedicate all our success in life to our parents. We’ve seen a number of celebrities do it while receiving their awards as well. Therefore, it becomes very important for us to celebrate the people behind the success of our favourite Bollywood stars. Let’s take a moment […]

13 Bollywood Movies Where Female Spies Stole The Show

I love a good suspense and mystery. I remember when I was a kid, I used to read up detective stories for hours. ( Yes, I loved books since then) While I have grown up reading to Sherlock Holmes, I also adored Nancy Drew series. (It was in no way comparable to Sherlock) Going to […]

This Assam Tourism Ad Beautifully Captures The State And Not The Actor Promoting It

In a new ad for Assam Tourism, brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra is seen wearing a traditional mekhela chador and practising the steps of Bihu, Assam’s folk dance. And that’s all very good but now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about the ad itself. I’m not a big travel buff but this is a […]

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