pre wedding photoshoot

These Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Are Absolutely Ridiculous As Pointed Out By One Twitter User

Pre-wedding photographs are a thing apparently because people have money and like to flaunt their ‘non-singleness’ to everyone with an eyesight.

This Couple Did Not Want A Pre Wedding Photoshoot. Their Friend Gave Them A Pre Wedding Photoshop

Tanvi and Ashish are a Mumbai couple who recently got married. They did not want a pre-wedding photoshoot, because pre-wedding photoshoots have become too mainstream. So a friend of theirs, Prateek Gupta, decided to do a pre wedding photoshop instead. What is a pre wedding photoshop, you ask? Well, it’s simple. Just take a random, […]

Pre Wedding Video Shoots: The Filmy Groom’s Answer To “How I Met Your Mother”

If you thought a pre-wedding photoshoot in the nearest “killa” was the most cringe-worthy thing about getting married these days, here’s something way worse – a pre wedding video shoot that basically tells a scripted story of “How you met.” Featuring fake poses, music from Arijit Singh and bad Photoshop, these videos are remarkably like […]

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