PornHub’s Traffic Before And After The Hawaiin Missile Scare Says Something Great About Humanity

PornHub, the one place you can go where nobody knows your name. Unless you’re one of the weirdos who makes comments under the videos. Source But the most entertaining thing about PornHub as a brand is shockingly not the attractive people having awesome sex, it’s how PornHub chooses to present itself. Cool, casual and truly […]

PornHub Is Giving Its Users An STD, But Not In The Way You Think

Guys, let’s get this out of the way, I don’t use PornHub, you don’t use PornHub, none of us do… we just know a lot about it. Agreed? Good. Source But there might be a tiny reason for you to stop using the website for a moment. And it’s not the tiny reason you generally […]

Guys, PornHub Is Giving Out 16 Lakh Rupees To A Deserving Young Talent For A Reason You Might Not Expect

PornHub is known around the world for entertaining young men and women. So naturally, they take great care to ensure that their main user base is doing well. After all, happy men and women will watch more porn. And be happier. And then watch more porn. So naturally, they’ve decided to do their audience a […]

The Game Of Thrones’ Winter Has Come And The First Place To Feel Its Wrath Is PornHub’s Traffic

It’s finally time for shady “Winter Is Coming” puns! Everybody has visited PornHub at some or another time in their lives. Whether it be to casually peruse the fine selection of shady stuff you can find there or look for specific shady stuff that you’re into. There’s no denying the pornography giant’s influence over consumer […]

Russians Are Now Going To Need A Passport To Access PornHub!

Looks like Russians are going to have to go through certain official formalities in order to cherish little pleasures of life. Adult video website, PornHub now requires Russians to log in using their social media accounts that are linked to their passport and cell phones.  Source This new rule was launched on Monday and is […]

What Does PornHub Have To Say About India?

India is not really as safe for work as one might think. After all, this is the country that came up with the Kamasutra, yoga and Anil Kapoor’s chest hair. But there’s no doubt, there’s a bit of hush-hush surrounding porn and how we consume it. Considering the Indian government has an enviable list of […]

Don’t Know What To Gift Your Mom On Mother’s Day? PornHub Has A Solution!

PornHub. It’s the one place you’re free to be yourself. Because the lights have been switched off. The volume has been turned down low. And there are a lot of disturbing categories to choose from. But the one thing you don’t expect PornHub to do for you is sort out your Mother’s Day present. Confused? […]

PornHub Just Launched An App So You Can Hide Your Naughty Bits! And There’s Nobody We’d Rather Use It On Than Indian Celebrities!

PornHub is fairly ahead of the curve when it comes to pornographic websites. It keeps its websites full of fresh content, tries to shock it’s users every April Fool’s day and even donates to great causes. But the latest service they have done the world is launch Trick Pics. PornHub’s new app is a brilliant […]

PornHub Played An Epic April Fool’s Day Prank Threatening To Share Customer’s Viewed Videos With Their Friends And Family

So, every now and then, people have a “bhook”, shall we say, a “jism ki bhook.” And when our jisms are starving, we cannot always rely on others to satisfy our hunger. Through the years there have been multiple “helping hands” that assist with our everyday routines. PornHub, YouPorn, XVideos, xHamster, Tube 8, You Jizz and many […]

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