These Actors Have Carried The Police Department In Hindi Films, It’s Time To Know Them

Bollywood has had an undeniable track record of stereotyping certain actors with certain roles. These are actors you might struggle to recall in any other role, except the one in which they gained fame. But today, we’re talking, very specifically, about policemen in Bollywood. Yes, over the years, Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Salman Khan, and […]

Woman Threatens A Delhi Cop By Claiming That She Is The Daughter Of A Supreme Court Judge

Car parking is a nuisance and usually, whenever we are in hurry, we are never able to find the spot easily. A lady parked her car illegally and when the cop called her out, she started threatening him. In a video that’s was viral on Twitter, a woman can be seen screaming at a policeman and warned […]

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