7 Of The World’s Best Trained And Most Formidable Police Departments

Being a member of a police force could mean a lot of things – from combat to administration, there are many people with a variety of skills who contribute to keeping others safe. But there are specialized groups of police officers who dedicate their lives to training and perfecting their skills. Task forces that are […]

Man Stands Up To The Police Bullying A Young Couple, Leaves The Cops Embarrassed

It’s nothing new for young couples to get harassed by cops on the name of moral policing when they meet outside.  Source From meeting at parks to sitting by lakesides, young Indian couples are in constant fear because the police make it sound and look like they are doing a crime by meeting each other. This […]

[Watch] How A Bollywood Song Saved This Couple’s Marriage From Falling Apart

Sure, I would too want my spouse to sing for me. But not at a Police Station, bro. Well, Indians love keeping it filmy. We can’t stay without drama, can we? There are instances when we too feel the urge to get up and sing on the table but we never do. Indians ke khoon […]

[WATCH] Mumbai Police Bullies A Guy Because He Wore Shorts To The Police Station

Our country has always made us question what freedom means. When something so trivial happens and you’re made to question what is happening in the country. Then we re-think what freedom means. Don’t we have the right to choose what we wear? Don’t we have the right to wear whatever we’re comfortable in? Irrespective of […]

15 Pictures That Show That Indian Police Is Too Cool To Handle

When it comes to Indian police, there is so much we have got to say!! Corruption, bribery, conventionalism, our complaints just never end. The only days we feel that the police does its work with more than enough dedication is either ‘Valentines’ Day’ or a ‘Dry Day’. isn’t it? Well, enough of kidding, we are […]

Zany Tweets From The Mumbai, Bangalore And Delhi Police Departments That Prove Their Comedic Chops

India’s love for its police force always depends on three things – current events, personal experience and how many times they ended up watching Khakee. But despite everything we assume about police officers, hopefully, we all come to respect them in time. Enough to listen to the giant man with a gun when he tells […]

This Police Officer Took An Attacker Out For A Meal, Watch This Video To Know Why

How do you expect a Police officer to react when an attacker barges in with a knife? Well, most of us would think that the cop would use his gun and eventually make the attacker surrender but this police officer from Bangkok did something no one was expecting. Officer Anirut Malee was on duty at his […]

Female Cop In UP Transferred Just Because She Stood Up Against BJP Leaders

The woman police officer of Syana circle did what any other uncorrupted police officer would. She stood up against people who were creating obstacles. Meet Shreshtha Thakur, who stood up against local BJP leaders for creating obstacles in discharging government duties. Ms Thakur had stood up to the arguing, slogan-shouting men after a local party worker, Pramod […]

A Small Girl Gave Her Savings To The Cops So They Could Solve Her Mother’s Case

People say that if you want to get things done in India, especially when it concerns the government, you have to give some ‘extra cash’ under the table. Even with all the anti-corruption laws becoming stringent, bribery is still the most common way to get a task done. In a heart-wrenching incident, a six-year-old in […]

Bengaluru City Police’s Tweets On Road Safety Are Hilariously Witty!

Cybercrime has increased exponentially in the past five years and it’s a definite cause for concern. Police has not just become aware of the crimes that happen but also creates awareness for the citizens as well. If you think that witty is your middle name then you have to check out Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle! […]

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