This Year’s IPL Has Been All About These Youngsters Who’ll Surely Be The Future Of The Sport

Every year, IPL manages to bring out the best talents all across the globe who make their mark in the sport for years to come. We’ve seen multiple youngsters come out and give a stern competition to global stars. A desi youngster hitting a world class pace bowler for a six is always a great […]

Here’s How IPL Contracts Actually Work After The Players Have Been Auctioned To Teams

In the recent auctions, we saw how certain IPL teams didn’t hesitate to break the bank for the players they wanted in their team. While audiences are taken aback looking at contracts worth crores being handed out to these cricketers, it becomes important for us to understand how these contracts work. IPL presents different types […]

Shahid Afridi’s Reply To Jayasuriya’s Tweet Will Make Your Eyes Roll

Shahid Afridi is known to be a power hitter for Pakistan and someone who¬†also does a lot of spin bowling for them. He started his career when he was 16 years old and also holds a record of taking most wickets (97) and most player-of-the-match awards in Twenty 20 International cricket. Just a while ago, […]

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