These Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Are Absolutely Ridiculous As Pointed Out By One Twitter User

Pre-wedding photographs are a thing apparently because people have money and like to flaunt their ‘non-singleness’ to everyone with an eyesight.

Man Recreates His Wife’s Pregnancy Photos After Having McDonald’s For Lunch

Give a man fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man McDonald’s and he’ll replicate your pregnancy photos. Nick Roberts and his girlfriend Brianna decided to do a photoshoot with their photographer friend Stephen Cwiok. Brianna forgot about the shoot so the two men did what men do best, eat food. The photo shoot […]

Raees Actress Mahira Khan Looks Like A Stunning Sea Goddess In Her Latest Photoshoot

Raees actress Mahira Khan is easily one of the prettiest faces to grace Bollywood in the recent years.

Priyanka Chopra Pulls Off A Lady Gaga Look, Goes Blonde For A Photoshoot!

Priyanka Chopra headed off to the US just three days ago, and she is already on the sets of her next project. She has already created a buzz around the world with her TV series Quantico, her movie Baywatch and various red carpet appearances. PeeCee is known to be experimental when it comes to styling and […]

Images: Radhika Apte Shared Her Old Photo Shoot Images And Got A Little Nostalgic

Radhika Apte, an artist, who has managed to make her own niche. She is associated with the characters she has enacted; which speaks a lot about her. She began her acting career in theatre, working with the theatre group ‘Aasakta’  before venturing into films. She has been part of films such as Parched, Badlapur, Kabali […]

Aamir Khan Looks Dapper Than Ever Before On The March Filmfare Edition

Aamir Khan is synonymous with superstardom in India. He is in a unique position as he balances his stardom and his artistry well. Aamir Khan is not only a master actor, he is also a shape-shifter. He is known for his perfectionism and portraying roles with grit and compassion. We know him as the artist […]

This Blogger’s Mystical Maternity Shoot Is Putting All Stigmas Attached To Baby Bumps To Shame

We are okay with sarees giving a sneak peek into a woman’s midriff, but we are not okay with crop tops that do not meet the waist of the jeans. Yes, when it comes to women, we have the most bizarre rules, especially when it comes to outfits. More than that, pregnancy is one such […]

Pre Wedding Video Shoots: The Filmy Groom’s Answer To “How I Met Your Mother”

If you thought a pre-wedding photoshoot in the nearest “killa” was the most cringe-worthy thing about getting married these days, here’s something way worse – a pre wedding video shoot that basically tells a scripted story of “How you met.” Featuring fake poses, music from Arijit Singh and bad Photoshop, these videos are remarkably like […]

This Fashion Photo Shoot Of Women With Down Syndrome Is Defining Beauty Beyond Conventions

Sanjyot Telang, a Paris-based photographer, visited the NGO Kimkan in Mumbai and conducted a photo shoot that features young women living with down syndrome. When it comes to beauty, it doesn’t conform to a set of rules. It surpasses all barriers of color, caste or creed and lies in the heart of the beholder. However, there […]

Daboo Ratnani’s Calender For 2017 Is Indeed ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’

January is always in the wings for Daboo Ratnani’s yearly star-studded calendar. This year Daboo Ratnani completes his 18th year into his yearly photo shoot and as usual, it’s a starry affair, only with a lot more oomph and hotness! As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and nobody can capture […]

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