Hugh Jackman Will Always Be Remembered As Wolverine But The Prestige Is His Best Movie

We love him as Wolverine but let’s face this fact – Hugh Jackman’s best movie was Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece The Prestige. Every now and then, we come across a new announcement about a certain actor being cast as a superhero. But for the entire generation of 90s kids, Hugh Jackman will be irreplaceable as Wolverine. […]

[Watch] Crowd Goes Crazy As Drake Stops His Concert Midway To Call Out A Molester

Drake’s not just an amazing musician but also an amazing human being and what he just did at his latest concert, we honestly couldn’t respect him more.  Source Drake got done with an amazing concert on Wednesday at Qudos Bank Area, Sydney and was hosting an after-party event at Marquee Nightclub when he stopped to […]

Watch How Amit Trivedi Shows You Different Parts Of India Through Different Music Artists

We often quote ourselves by saying “Music is life”, “Can’t live without music.” But how much do we know about music from different parts of India? Amit Trivedi, the brilliant singer and music composer, performed for Mirchi Music Awards. His voice was mesmerising but he was brilliant as a conductor! (A person who directs the performance […]

People Cant Get Enough Of Lady Gaga’s Performance At Super Bowl

Superbowl is one of the popular sports events in America and even the President of America loved the game. While the match was amazing, Lady Gaga stole the show with her performance during the match’s half-time. She had a mic-drop entrance and sang “God Bless America” as her opening act before jumping out into the night […]

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