The Crying Child Who Went Viral Is Singer Toshi’s Niece And This Is What He Has To Say

Remember the girl who was crying while her mother was teaching her counting numbers? The video which went viral was shared by cricketers Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh and Robin Uthappa appealing parents not to indulge in child abuse.  The 3-year-old kid is Haya, niece of Bollywood singers Toshi and Sharib Sabri. When Hindustan Times […]

A Father Of Four Daughters Tweets The Funniest Real Parenting Stories!

If you happen to check his twitter profile, it will be filled with his conversations with the family. As a parent, he takes situations from his daily life, the conversations he has with his daughters and puts it up on the social media platform. Seems ordinary? Nothing special? That’s where he proves it wrong. His […]

10 Fathers Share How Having A Daughter Changed Them In All The Good Ways

Fatherhood is as beautiful a blessing as motherhood. While mothers get loads of appreciation for their blissful roles, fathers often play backstage, with an equal investment of their endless care and affection for their kids. It is often said that the moment of becoming a father is one amazing split second that changes their entire […]

This Father Hides What He Actually Does For a Living To Put His Daughter Through College

We can never imagine the extent to which our parents go, to make sure we get everything in the world. No matter how much they earn, they will always sacrifice their part, to make sure that no wish of ours stays ungranted. But what would you do when the very work that gets food to […]

Dad’s Emotional Video Of Finally Accepting His Daughter As A Lesbian Is What Unconditional Love Feels Like

Taiwan is almost on the verge of becoming the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. It would be a significant move, making Taiwan the second in the Asia Pacific region, after New Zealand in 2013. And while the country is swirling in a revolution, Home Is Love, a Taiwanese group that promotes marriage equality, came […]

4 Year Old Saves His Mom By Unlocking Her Phone With Her Fingerprint After She Passes Out

There is no denying the fact that kids these days are born Einsteins. They might learn to walk or speak later, but they surely know how to work out with the blinking screens. Laptops, tablets and smartphones, the kids these days are born with tutorials on how to use these technological devices. And sometimes, this […]

An Overachieving Daughter Fails Her Maths Test, But Her Mom’s Reaction Would Leave You Sighing!

Being a teenager is not a child’s play! You have got to deal with your hormones, the mood swings, the deadly pimples, the new found romances and on top of it all, the future! There are endless exams and tests to be cleared, your dreams don’t let you sleep and the very big question of […]

This Pregnant Couple Keeps The Gender Of Their Baby A Surprise Only To Give A Bigger Surprise!

Korey and Sharon got married in 2010 and were soon blessed with a son. In August 2015, the couple from Pensacola, Florida, was pregnant again. However this time, the pregnant couple kept the gender of their baby a secret and even kept another big surprise for their friends and relatives for some post delivery ‘awws’! The […]

This Buzzfeed India’s Video Is What All All Parents Must Ask Their Sons Before They Leave The House

“Is this what you’re wearing to the party, go cover yourself properly” “Don’t stay out late” “Are you going alone? take your brother along.” Every girl has gone through this side of the conversation before she leaves home, be it her job, a party or a casual outing. In our country, when woman are followed, […]

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