In A Rare Goodwill Gesture, Akshay Kumar Postpones The Release Of Padman For Padmaavat

2018 has started on a high for Hindi cinema with both Mukkabaaz and Kaalakaandi offering something new to the audience. But the one thing missing from Kaalakaandi and Mukkabaaz’s box office clash was expected to be present in abundance in the next biggest clash: box office collections. While some Indians braced themselves for the biggest […]

Padmaavat Just Dropped A Dialogue Promo And It’s Unexpectedly Brilliant

If the Awards were to be given already, Padmaavat is definitely winning the most controversial movie of the year.  Source Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’ has been through a lot already and now that it’s almost time for it to release, the controversy does not seem to come to an end. However, despite all the chaos […]

“How can you stop exhibit of a film” Supreme Court Lifts Ban On Padmaavat In All States

The movie ‘Padmaavat’ has been in news for all the wrong reasons. The makers had to release an ad in the newspapers which had  disclaimers instead of promoting the film. Even after it got a CBFC permission, few states had declared a ban. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, along with the film’s producer and marketing rights holder […]

People Are Pointing Out A Serious Problem With Padmaavat’s Front Page Ad In Bombay Times

This movie has been in the news since the time it was announced. Never has a film been related to so many threats directed at its leading cast. Yesterday, the makers re-released the trailer of Padmaavat and in today’s Bombay Times, they placed a front-page advertisement to promote the movie. But more than the promotion […]

[Trailer] Days Before Its Release, First Padmaavat Trailer Releases To Make A Bigger Statement

Twist of fortune or a sprinkle of curse, Padmaavat’s public prosecution has blurred the boundaries of decency. Never has a film been related to so many threats directed at its leading cast. While a bruised Padmaavat tries to stay afloat in the eyes of cinema lovers, its makers are far from done promoting the film […]

Here’s Why Padmavat May Not Be The Same Film That Sanjay Bhansali Set Out To Make

I, much like the rest of the country, was waiting for the Padmavati trailer. When it came out, it was every bit as grand and awesome as it promised. Typical Bhansali touch, this time mixed with a dash of madness courtesy Ranveer Singh’s Khal Drogo act, and a never-seen-before pairing of Shahid and Deepika, it […]

The Censor Board Finally Clears ‘Padmavati’ With 5 Modifications And Title Change To ‘Padmavat’

We might see ‘Padmavati’ in theatres pretty soon, hopefully. Padmavati has garnered a lot of attention throughout the year. The fate of the film’s release was left in hands of a panel of historians. The Censor Board held a screening on December 28 and came to a decision to give Padmavati a U/A certificate. Also, the […]

Indians Are Pointing Out The Stupidity In Historians Reviewing A Fictional Film

Padmavati’s faith still remains undecided. The CBFC has set up a six-member panel to review Padmavati. BL Gupta and RS Khangarot are reportedly amongst the members of the panel.  In November, Khangarot argued on The Print website that “There is evidence that Padmini existed”, “This movie [Padmavati] attempts to romanticise jauhar”. and that “The movie, I believe, has […]

This Is The Other Queen In ‘Padmavati’ No One Is Talking About

‘Padmavati’ is more than just about Rani Padmini portrayed by Deepika Padukone. Although, the fate of ‘Padmavati’ is still uncertain. There is a lot the audience will be missing out on if the movie doesn’t end up releasing. There is no doubt that it is a cinematic masterpiece and the actors look stunning. There is […]

12 Bollywood Movies That Perfectly Describe All Your Horrible Exes

So we’ve all been in relationships, right? *radio silence* Well, we can hope. But for the lucky ones who have found people who are willingly happy to get naked with them, they’ve definitely been through a lot of stress and drama. Because nobody ever said love would be easy. Or cheap. But after all the […]

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