Dangal Is The First Indian Movie To Make Over $300 Million Worldwide!

As a child, I distinctly remember watching the Oscars and seeing Lagaan up there for the first time. Not the brightest child, I just assumed that the Oscars were totally inclusive of Hindi movies. So as a twenty-something, I am acutely interested in how Indian entertainment is perceived abroad. And not by NRIs, by people […]

There’s A Lot Of People Who Get Credit For Coming First, Here’s To Those Who Almost Made It!

Coming first is the frigging dream! As a middle-class Indian child, there is nothing your parents will insist on more. There are some Indian and international children who have probably made their parents really proud by doing something first. But there needs to be a moment of silence devoted to those poor souls who came […]

10 Randomly Amazing Facts That Would Make You Go Whoa!

As a human, there is so much to know about the world around us! No matter how well read or educated we are, the world is always ready to amaze us. There is always going to be something new, unknown about the world that would leave us stunned. Here are 10 random facts that are […]

Meet Angela Nikolau, The Russian Girl Who Takes Photography To World’s Highest Points

*Please do not attempt to this yourself. People depicted in the photographs are equipped with safety measures and special permissions to do so.* Who doesn’t have a selfie bug always ready to pout in front of a camera? We do all sorts of crazy stuff to get that¬†perfect click…maybe swipe across some filters, pose in […]

10 Of The Craziest Things Indian Cricket Fans Have Done For The Love Of The Game

India is a secular country that argues over everything. Beef vs no beef, Salman vs Shahrukh, BJP vs Lol etc. But there is one thing we all pretty much go along with – cricket. the world will come to a standstill and the entire nation will lose its collective shit as soon as 22 men […]

Can You Believe There Is A Village In India With 220 Sets of Twins?

Kerala is a state that as an extremely positive reputation in India. Who could possibly dislike the amazing combination of dosa, curry and boats? Plus, they boast a 93% literacy rate and a positive female to male sex ratio. People are confused as to how they’re so good at literally everything. But there is one […]

A Policewoman From Haryana Becomes First Indian Woman To Scale Mount Everest From China’s Side

Not too many people can claim to have climbed Mount Everest. In fact, there are official lists for a reason. And Anita Kundu from Haryana has just added it as another notch on her belt. This policewoman from Haryana has officially become the first woman to scale the world’s highest peak from the Chinese side. […]

These Pictures Of Women Taking On Male Dominated Jobs Will Definitely Inspire You

We’ve heard countless times that feminism is pointless. Women are constantly asking for allowances they don’t need. This may or may not necessarily be true depending on where you were brought up and in what economic bracket. But even as a woman who has never truly had to face any discrimination based on my gender, […]

Twinkle Khanna Tagged Kattappa Actor’s Son Instead Of Him On Twitter And The Results Are Hilarious

Twinkle Khanna never backs down. It seems she just can’t resist speaking her mind. Thankfully, unlike the rest of the celebrities who take to social media, she can speak it eloquently. But even she had to acknowledge the awesomeness that is Baahubali 2. The actress who seems to have caught the bug just as bad […]

Katrina Kaif Is Set To Star With Aamir Khan And Amitabh Bachchan In ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’

Katrina Kaif hasn’t had the best time recently. None of her recent projects have really¬†managed to stick. But to her credit, she’s still one of the highest earning actresses in Bollywood. Whether it was due to her early association and continued collaborations with Salman Khan she’s managed to stay in the public eye with little […]

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