The World’s Fastest Versions Of 5 Modes Of Transport You Use Everyday

Human beings need to go from place to place every now and then. And because so far, we can’t teleport at will, we need to use different modes of transport. Because sadly, people are almost always far far away from things we want and need. Like our spouses and our jobs.¬†And more importantly from our […]

Guinness World Records: This Lady Has Got Eyelashes That Go Farther Than Our Eyesight!

When it comes to Guinness World Records, there are all sorts of weird records that happen to find their winners in the archives. But what according to you would be the weirdest human body part related world record ever made? Well, here is a lady that is known to have the longest eyelashes in the […]

Son Pari Was An Undisputed Classic On Indian Television, But What’s The Cast Up To Now?

Before the internet materialized into our daily life and before we had set top boxes – we had Son Pari. Source¬† Son Pari was the deep hit of fantasy television for children that was all the rage from 2000 to 2004. It had drama, it had magic and it had terrible CGI, but we really […]

10 Facts About The Joker As Portrayed By Heath Ledger That Will Make You Re-Examine The Actor’s Iconic Performance

“Why so serious?” remains one of the most memorable lines of dialogue in a film. And it was in no small part thanks to Heath Ledger who played the Joker in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Ledger burned the lines between character and actor, delivering a performance that remains one of the greats. It was true […]

20 Photos That Prove That India Will Always Remain The King Of Jugaad

India is known for its cultural diversity and its religious sentiments. We have everything under one roof, from diverse languages to lip smacking dishes on the platter. We are also known for our developing tactics, our grim fights over the most inane issues, conventionalism, love for cleanliness and what not. But if there is one […]

Shahrukh Khan’s Sassy Replies To Questions He Was Asked On Twitter Will Definitely Amuse You

Shahrukh Khan’s Twitter account has 25.4 million followers. Which is why it’s understandable if they have some questions. Nowadays it’s really common for stars to conduct elaborate “ask me anything” sessions. But for the people at SRK’s level of fame, it’s still far and few between. So when he let Twitter ask him the questions […]

If You Have A Smartphone, These Are 12 Thoughts You Have Definitely Had!

Our smartphones – no matter which brand or features – has become a bionic attachment. As a smartphone user, there are certain moments that keeps repeating itself and has become an inherent part of life. 1.Did I just lose my phone?! That moment when you get down from public transport and can’t feel your phone […]

Michael Phelps Is All Set To Race Against A Great White Shark With The Whole World Watching!

Olympic athletes are pretty much sexy gods. They’re dedicated, at the peak of their physical fitness and they are singular heroes for their entire country. Which is why Michael Phelps is so celebrated over in the US. He was splashed all over the media during the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. The world’s most decorated Olympian […]

Ajay Devgn’s Next Project Is A Biopic Of Baba Ramdev – For Some Reason

Ajay Devgn’s had an interesting career. After being best known for being the friend zoned guy that wins in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam – he’s recently delved into “serious dude who stares a screen” territory. The trend that started with Singham has followed him into Shivaay and his upcoming projects. His next movies will […]

This Drunk Couple Dares To Ask The Question – “Why Have Sex On A Plane When You Can Have It Outside A Bar?”

Sex is great, right? I mean, where else can you literally spend time pushing bits of you around and call it productive? But there is no doubt that despite all the people who crib about no having sex, we sure do love talking about it. Which is the only possible reason a video of a […]

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