Old Monk Rum

8 Lesser Known Facts About India’s Unofficial National Drink: Old Monk

Nothing unites India like a peg of Old Monk and bowl of chakna. It’s the rum that most Indians swear by, regardless of caste, class or creed. So in celebration of its 63rd year, here are some lesser-known facts about the great “Budha Sadhu” to ponder over while you sit back and raise a toast. […]

This Short Film On Old Monk Will Remind You Of Better Times With Your Friends

Old Monk is not merely a drink, it is a religion. There are two kinds of people in this world, who swear by Old Monk and those who don’t appreciate it. It is not just about drinking alcohol. Old Monk brings back the memory of chilling with your friends when you were too broke for […]

Kapil Mohan, The Man Who Brought Old Monk To The World Is No More

There’s a story about a kind old British monk who sneaked around the rum barrels, savouring the samples and offering good company and advice to the master craftsmen at the Mohan Meakin breweries as he did. In tribute, when their signature dark rum was first launched, the company named the blend after him, and the rest […]

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