The TIMES 100 Most Influential People List Includes Some Big Names From India

The TIMES 100 is a list that people around the world look out for. Highlighting some of the world’s leading professionals, sportspeople, entertainers and everything in between, a spot on the list is a coveted position and this year is no exception. This years list is revolutionary in so many ways. It’s the list that […]

The” You Have Two Cows” Theory Used To Explain 11 Sites And Apps We All Use

So you’ve probably heard of the two cows theory by this point in your life. If you haven’t, shame on you. Source It is a simple metaphor used to explain complicated concepts. It began when people would explain the functioning of different political systems using two cows. Take for example, Communism: You have two cows. […]

7 Of The Worst Types Of People You’ve Shared An Ola Or Uber With In India

Share cabs are like a threesome that wasn’t correctly thought through. You might escape unscathed, but there’s a pretty good chance you’re fucked. But there’s not really an alternative, considering not all of us make enough money to fund luxurious travel in a solo cab. Which is why there’s a pretty good chance we’ve all […]

Ola Cabs Sent Samosas To A Customer When He Joked About Their Cancellation Fee On Twitter

Samosas are so good. They make our lives better with their mere existence. Samosas can make anyone happy and that is the universal truth. But you know what makes absolutely nobody happy? Cancellation fees. It’s like an auto guy rejecting you and also taking 18 bucks from you before he leaves. Oh wait, that’s what […]

Man Tweets ‘What Is Cheaper Ola Or Uber?’ And Ola Has Got Some Real PR Skills

Twitter is one treasure house. While it is dark and full of memes, on the other hand, it is one brilliant way to communicate and build your network. I admit I am not so much of a twitter user, but there have been so many times when I had a doubt and I ended up […]

This Ola Driver’s Phenomenal Act Of Kindness Will Make Your Day Brighter

Ola drivers will always have a bit of a reputation. Not necessarily because they are bad at their jobs. But mostly because people are always overly eager to elaborate on how their experience was horrible, for some reason or another. But one Kavya Rao discovered that there are people out thee who are happy to […]

The Messages This Girl Received From An Uber Driver On Her Private Number Will Make You Rethink Using The App So Freely

To anyone who lives in a city where Uber, Ola and various domestic taxi services are available – they cannot be taken lightly. When you are stumbling out of clubs at 1 in the night, or when you need an emergency ride to a hospital or even if the trains are just too crowded any […]

Ola Cabs Charged Rs.149 Crore To This Man For A 300M Ride That Never Happened

Sushil Narsian, a Mumbai resident booked Ola cabs from his residence in Mulund West to Vakola Market like any other day. But what happened next surprised not only him but looked ridiculous also. He was charged Rs. 149 crore for a drive that never happened. As soon as he booked the cab, Sushil contacted the driver. The […]

An Open Letter By A Cab Driver In Delhi Has A Powerful And Moving Message

Let’s count – How many times our parents have not allowed us to wear a certain type of clothes just because some guys would ogle at us or it’s not a safe place at night? How many times did you have to feel uncomfortable because the way a man was staring at you? Every time […]

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