Before There Was Pehredaar Piya Ki,These 10 TV Shows Played In Every Indian House In The 90s

The 90s was a great time. We were relatively naive and so were our expectations. Everything was simple. The TV was meant to entertain and it did a great job of that. It was also an era where we had a handful of channels and the choices were relatively limited. But there was good content! These […]

10 Indian Brands That Are WAY Better Than Their Western Counterparts

We need things to life our useless lives. These things are usually branded. Some brands are an integral part of our life…some not so much. Source These Indian brands have been with us from the very start. For two very important reasons. Firstly, they tend to be cheaper in the long run. Secondly, it takes […]

‘Gunda’ Actor Mukesh Rishi Reveals What It Was Like To Play The Iconic ‘Bulla’

Remember Gunda? Actually seeing it in theatres? No. You remember mocking it on the internet with the rest of us. Source The movie Gunda remains memorable for the same reason Vicco Vajradanti does. Because most people can recite the movie’s lines by rote. But the lead villain was the iconic Bulla. The man behind the […]

90’s Kids, Here’s How Things Have Changed In Two Decades

If you were in India during the 90’s, you’ll agree that everything was better back then. When you will tell your kids about how you got your first phone in the 10th grade, they will laugh. When you will tell that 90’s songs are still your favorite, they will tell you to put on some […]

Remember The Greatest 90s Racing Game Road Rash? It’s Making A Comeback & We Can’t Wait To Play It

Road Rash is making a comeback and the new avatar looks kick-ass! Remember the 90s? Govinda was a style icon. Suniel Shetty was an action star. Shilpa Shetty’s leopard prints were in fashion. Ram Gopal Verma was the best Bollywood director. And Pahlaj Nihalani was making movies with not-so-sanskaari lyrics like ‘khadaa hai‘. Yeah, and […]

Shah Rukh Khan And Kumar Sanu On This Old DD Show Is Pure Nostalgia!

There was a time when Doordarshan was a huge thing. The talk show on this vintage channel was the place where celebrities came to perform. Big names like Shah Rukh Khan and Kumar Sanu too were present on the said show. A video of these two big names from the 90s will make you miss simpler […]

11 Interesting Facts About India’s Favourite Car – The Iconic Maruti 800

Every Indian can remember squeezing into a Maruti 800 at some point of time in their life. The car was a staple of Indian culture for the longest time. Staying on Indian roads well past its initial expectations. The flagship vehicle for Maruti, it was the car the nation rode in. Affordable, compact and classy, […]

These 7 Things Happened In Bollywood 10 Years Ago, We’re Feeling Really Old

Did you know that Bollywood attempted ‘Sex And The City’? We’re not kidding, Mahima Chaudhary was Carrie Bradshaw. Catch up on more details here. So, 2007 was a very interesting year for Bollywood. There were newcomers, brilliant movies, and excellent chartbusters. That year there was a fair share of failures as well as hits at […]

Before Game Of Thrones, There Was Hatim. But What’s The Cast Up To Now?

Hatim was really the best, it even had dragons way before Game of Thrones did – A majority of the show’s time was spent following the prince of Yemen around as he tried to help everyone he could humanly find and defeat the evil Dajjal. It aired originally from 2003 to 2004. Even though Lie […]

Throwback Thursday: Here’s What The Cast Of Small Wonder Looks Like Now!

Well, did the mention of the 90’s show Small Wonder give you an instant trip to your childhood? We all remember our lovely V.I.C.I and Jamie from the show. So much was the show popular that we even got our own Indian remake with ‘Karishma Ka Karishma’! While we loved the remake there is no […]

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