The 2018 Golden Globe Winners List Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For Hollywood

With the 75th Golden Globes ceremony, the awards season is up and running in Hollywood. With so many great movies and TV shows in 2017, the competition was always going to be tough. The winners list has come with a breath of fresh air as most Oscar bait movies like Nolan’s Dunkirk and Spielberg’s The […]

Movie Review: Dunkirk Is A Cinematic Experience That Can Only Be Enjoyed Fully On The Big Screen

Go and watch Dunkirk for the experience. Everything else is secondary. For those who want a spoiler free-review, here it is: Hyper real, claustrophobic, immersive, impressionistic and very anti-Spielberg. I still cannot get over the striking similarities in the way Nolan framed the aircraft sequences with Son of Saul. There are multiple tight closeups to […]

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