10 Iconic Dialogues From Stranger Things That Sound Bitchin’ When Translated Into Hindi

Great things sound a bit different in the language that you know. For example Stranger Things. The show created a hype worldwide when it released its second season on Netflix. Everything got much better in the second season, the plot was complex and every character got more breathing space. However, there is also one thing that […]

10 Highly Acclaimed TV Shows We Are Not Allowed To Hate In 2017

If the internet has done anything positive for humanity, it’s been giving them a platform to be complete jerks from the comfort of their own home. Source But the internet has also opened grounds for legitimate criticism and feedback which creators can use to improve their art. Unless of course, you dare to criticise any […]

13 Things People Have Said After Watching The 2nd Season Of Stranger Things

Now, because they can’t go on Tweeting about how long they need to wait for season 2, they’ll Tweet about season 2 and the stream is endless.

8 Documentaries On Netflix That Are A Must Watch For Every Millennial Woman

With streaming becoming easier and affordable, Netflix is becoming the new television in our homes. Thankfully, as an audience, we have far better options to watch than spending worthless afternoons with Indian soaps and crime patrols. Also, Netflix through its powerful series and documentaries sparking up conversations that till now were only limited to a […]

Doordarshan To Go Digital; Our Favorite Shows Will Return On Netflix, Hotstar And Amazon Prime!

This must be a dream come true for all the 90’s kids reading this article. It is time to rejoice as our favorite shows will be available online. Doordarshan has finally realized the power of going digital and has decided to give us our amazing childhood back. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Source According to […]

The Death Of A Producer On Narcos Isn’t The Only Thing The Netflix Series Is Battling

Narcos remains one of Netflix’s flagship series, however, in recent news, the murder of one of their location scouts came to light. Reportedly, however, the show has been under pressure from Pablo Escobar’s brother as well. Source Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria spoke to the Hollywood Reporter shortly after location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal’s murder, insisting that […]

15 Documentaries On Netflix You Need To Watch To Know The World Around You

Netflix is becoming the new ‘BAE’ for everyone these days. Big thanks to this online streaming site, there is now an endless repertoire of series, movies, and documentaries that are much more than just simple entertainment. If you have been streaming only basic chic flicks or really intense series, perhaps there still a lot to discover […]

Shahrukh Khan Met Brad Pitt To Promote His New Netflix Film “War Machine”

There is naturally way too much excitement that would happen when two international superstars come together. Which is exactly what happened when Brad Pitt and Salman Khan met each other to promote his upcoming Netflix feature, “War Machine”. (h/t) Source The film is releasing on Netflix this Friday and has been produced by Pitt’s production […]

5 Netflix Series To Binge On This Weekend For Folks With No Plans

Ah.. the weekends are here. If you happen to be one of the unlucky (or lucky, whichever you prefer) with no plans outdoors, this is your time to catch up on some awesome shows on Netflix. Chill out with your favorite snacks and take a pick of these series, and get bingeing. 1.Master of None […]

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