Meet Homai, India’s First Woman Photojournalist Google Paid Tribute To In Doodle

Google paid tribute to Homai Vyarawalla,┬áIndia’s first woman photojournalist, with a Doodle. She was known for photographing India’s transition from the British Raj to an independent country after its subsequent partition. She was introduced to photography by her husband Manekcshaw Vyarawala, a photographer at the Times of India. Started her career as a photojournalist during […]

These Indian Conspiracy Theories Will Make You Question The History We’ve Learnt In Schools

Kaafi suspense and mystery hai inme. Source DISCLAIMER: We don’t endorse or support any of these theories. Our history is rich and versatile. But our history is centuries old and by the course of time, humans found quite a few unexplained, mysterious events. It is a belief that some covert but influential agency (mostly government […]

These Jokes On Children’s Day Are So Funny, They Should Be Hidden From Real Children

Today, India celebrates Children’s day and Nehruji’s birthday. The day is celebrated to increase awareness towards rights, care, and education of children. Obviously, twitterati┬áis not taking it in that way. What better way to celebrate the day than laughing right? We compiled the best tweets that surfaced on our timelines: #1 Okay, this is the […]

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