Raazi Is Bollywood’s Answer To The Chest Thumping Hyper Nationalism Going On Right Now

Nationalism has become a huge talking point in modern India. Having bundled-up with (the very different) patriotism, nationalism has been reduced to a drum beating competition where people have to openly declare their love for the country. It’s not a private affair anymore as you need to prove your Indian-ness to be accepted by the […]

This Family Misses Its Train But What The TTE Does Will Make You Proud

Our country might be obsessed with a Sarkari Naukri, but when it comes to government officials we don’t expect the work done in less than a couple of days! That’s the impression our government officials have on us and we can’t blame anyone but the corrupt system that always tops the procrastination tutorials! However, it […]

TVF’s Tribute To Indian Soldiers Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Job

How many times do we ramble about our mundane 9 to 5 jobs? We are seldom happy with our bosses, spend half of the day under caffeine and our only worry is our appraisal. Yes, we struggle a lot, we work a lot, but we are rarely happy with our jobs.┬áNow turn the face towards […]

This Republic Day, It’s Time To Wish And Change The Way You Think

It’s Republic Day, another mid-week holiday that would be a long weekend catalyst for most of us! Yes, the first holiday of the year and we are all excited. We are not going to ramble about the endless struggles our forefathers went through to let us breathe the independent air of our republic nation! Yes, […]

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