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PM Modi Matched His Outfit With Other World Leaders At A Summit And We’re Glad He Did

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trending on Twitter … again. He was there in Manila with other world leaders for the ASEAN summit. The agenda of the summit is to have bilateral trading and defence talks with each member nation. It is safe to say, this event was highly formal and there was a certain […]

Modi And Rahul Gandhi Met, Stared And Twitter Had The Funniest Reaction To It

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi came face to face at the Parliament at a memorial event of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel‘s birth anniversary. The moment they met, they had an intense staredown and Twitter being Twitter couldn’t stop making fun of this image. Recently, Rahul Gandhi had posted that his pet pooch Pidi was handling his social […]

What Did The First Union Cabinet Look Like Compared To Modi’s Cabinet in 2017?

There are two things that can bring India together – cricket and discussing unsolicited political opinions. But sometimes, in the heated debate of discovering whether you or your equally uninformed friends are correct, genuine curiosity might be stifled. Curiosity about a number of things, like what India’s first cabinet looked like for example. And it […]

10 Times We Couldn’t Escape How Absolutely Fabulous Narendra Modi Looked

We’ll be the first to admit, we’re not that smart. We’re not the brightest bulbs around and are not afraid to admit when we don’t know something. Which is why we’re not going to try discussing important things. Like policymaking, or public opinion or the grander movement in this country’s government. We’ll leave that to […]

Modi Fans Rejoice! A Temple Worth 30 Crores Will Be Built In His Honour

Apparently, a temple in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be built in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district. This temple is going to be worth Rs. 30 crore and will have a 100 feet high statue of Narendra Modi. This temple is proposed to be built in the Sardhana area of Meerut. The ‘Bhumi Pujan’ and the […]

Desi Celebrities Take To Twitter To Wish PM Narendra Modi On His 67th Birthday

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 67 today, and wishes came pouring in from all corners. Twitter also had a mini birthday party for Modi ji, with #HappyBirthdayPM trending. Indian celebrities, across various spheres, wished him. So here’s a compilation of the best, most interesting and the most funniest tweets- #1 #HappyBirthdayPM @narendramodi! May you […]

India’s Getting It’s First Bullet Train From Mumbai To Ahmadabad And Twitter Finds It Really Amusing

YAY! We’re getting a bullet train from Mumbai To Ahmadabad. Source Doesn’t it sound nice? You can head over from a dry state to a not dry state in a matter of a few hours. This announcement came in the lieu of Shinzo Abe’s visit to Gujarat alongside Narendra Modi.Even though the train would be […]

Twitter Can’t Help Meme-ing the Hell Out Of Narendra Modi’s Pictures With PM Shinzo Abe

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a very important man. He runs Japan, that has to be an important job right? He is currently visiting Narendra Modi in Gujarat and naturally, there have been many pictures taken. Source The visit is one of the most publicized in recent memory. With the Prime Ministers from both nations […]

Twitter Trolls This Picture Of Narendra Modi Daydreaming During 9th BRICS Summit in China

Narendra Modi attended 9th BRICS Summit in China last week which was a 3-day visit to Xiamen. One memorable picture from it became a meme!

Digvijaya Singh Tries Trolling Modi With A Tweet, Faces The Wrath Of Twitter Instead!

Digvijaya Singh recently tried his hand at trolling, unsuccessfully.

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