10 Musical Albums Whose Cover Art Sparked A Lot Of Controversy

A good album is best remembered for the timelessness of its songs. But some boast of album art that is as exceptional as the music. But where there’s art there’s controversy – which means there have been some music albums whose cover art pushed the envelope just a bit too far. #1 Diamond Dogs, David […]

10 Really Bizarre Instruments Used To Create Music

All of us know how a guitar, keyboards and the conventional instruments look. But there are these others instruments which look ridiculous but create beautiful music. #1. Wheelharp It produces the sound of 61 bowed strings with keyboard controls. So you can produce the same music as an orchestra with a single person playing it. […]

If You Had 23 Out Of These 28 Songs In Your ‘English Songs’ Folder, You’re A True 90s Kid

90s is to us what Sachin is to cricket. Everything was better when the 90s was at its peak. Having spent most of our childhoods during that time, we’ve gotten pretty comfortable with the elements of that decade. From Phantom cigarettes to watching Pokemon at 5 pm every weekday, we’ve all been through the same […]

A.R. Rahman Was Asked To Change His Name If He Wanted To Be Accepted In Bollywood

Had he listened to the naysayers, the world would have missed his musical genius.

The Underground Street Rap And Hip-Hop Scene In India Is More Than Just ‘Gully Boy’

Ranveer Singh’s role will be a fictionalized version based on the lives of street rappers Naezy and Divine.

This Dildo Lets You Contain Ashes Of Your Loved Ones, Play Their Favorite Music And Also Stores Their Scent

You’d literally be dying to use this dildo, well, because someone has to because how else are you suppose to store ashes in this brilliantly¬†designed bizarre sex toy? Source Now, if you get the GIF reference, you must know we are not making this shit up. We had pictured flying cars and time machines in […]

15 Popular Film Songs That Were Beautifully Sung By Bollywood Actors

There is no denying the fact that Bollywood celebrities are a talented lot. However, some of the actors also happen to be phenomenal singers. Not only have they acted on the songs, some of them also sung them by themselves. Here are 15 most popular songs from films that had the same actors as playback […]

Sonu Nigam’s AIDS Awareness Song From The 90’s Will Make You Disown The 90s

Such Awareness. Much Wow. Guys and girls, this is a legit song even though we don’t want it to be. This is an actual song and dude, it’s Sonu Nigam. There are three Sonu Nigams in the video and we really want to know what they were smoking. The lyrics are out of the world. […]

Rahman Encore’s First Concert Was Larger Than Life And Phenomenal Of All Kinds

Last night, A R Rahman celebrated his 25-year long journey in music, in Hyderabad. The Madras Maestro’s tour ‘Rahman Encore’ kick-started in Hyderabad on 26th November 2017. The four city tour includes Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. With the maestro, there is a bunch of talent that is with him on the tour. Mohit Chauhan, […]

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