[Video] God Of Cricket, Sachin, Joins Ordinary Citizens For A Game Of Gully Cricket

Mumbai loves cricket and the sport has never seen a player as great as Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The legendary ‘Saachinnnnn Sachin!’ chant is still a memory to savour for every fan of the Indian cricket team. In the clip, Tendulkar can be seen with the bat in his hand and hitting a few tennis balls […]

The List Of Most Weed Consuming Cities Is Out And Indians Are High Up There

Weed is the absolute best. We’ve been told. We’ve never tried it. We promise. But despite its popularity and relatively low-risk levels compared to other drugs, weed remains quite illegal in India. In fact, weed is very much the “beef” of criminalised drugs. Because it’s very hard to make the authorities understand that there are already a […]

Why Mumbai Is Not Just A City But My Best Friend And A Teacher

“Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts – providing opportunities to millionaires to pursue their riches and millions of poor to pursue a livelihood. For many, Mumbai is a city where their dreams begin; for many others, it marks an end of a dream.”  ― Duvvuri Subbarao Source There are some who love this place and […]

9 Of The World’s Most Crowded Cities That Always Seem To Have Just A Little More Room

Anybody living in a city knows the feeling of not having enough space for your shoulders to comfortably fit in. From the joys of public transport to the nagging feeling there can never really be too many cabs, all crowded cities have a unique blend of apathy and disdain which will fuck you in orifices […]

15 Tweets That Explain The Situation In Mumbai Right Now To The Rest Of The Country

Mumbai has been brought to a halt and tensions are rising as protests have spread across the city. A situation which began when violence broke at at celebrations taking place near Pune have escalated in the last two days. The inciting incident occured when right wing groups bearing saffron flags allegedly attacked the gathering celebrating […]

If You Haven’t Made New Year Plans Yet, These Are The Best Parties Happening In Your City

It’s New Years again! Time to party for 3 hours and take pictures of it for 7. There’s no denying that the pressure this evening can put on people is phenomenal. From picking out the right outfit to making certain that your perfectly planned evening doesn’t absolutely go to hell, there’s a lot to look […]

Mumbai Police Shoots Down Popular Villains Using Memes And That’s The Justice We Need

If I had to point out the best social media account, it has to be the Mumbai police Twitter page. From witty replies to being always ready to help, to freshly brewed content… Mumbai Police is the coolest. The brave men and women of the Indian police departments have taken it upon themselves to entertain […]

Why This Nawazuddin Siddiqui Film Is Releasing 4 Years After It Was Premiered In Cannes

Amit Kumar’s ‘Monsoon Shootout’ starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui is finally set to hit the theatre on 15th December 2017. Source A story that was Amit’s idea in the 90s when he was a student of Film And Television Institute Of India; was produced into a movie with a British producer in 2000 but it was only in 2011 […]

Missed Out On The Ed Sheeran Concert? You Can Relive It All With These Stunning Pictures

Missed the concert? No issues. We’ve got you covered with these amazing pictures from Google Pixel 2. Ed Sheeran set the stage on fire on Sunday evening with performances that’ll last a lifetime in the hearts of countless fans who flocked to the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. But with tickets being sold out fairly early, a […]

Mumbai, The Iconic Metro Cinema Reopened After A Short Break And It Looks Stunning!

An all-new and shiny Metro Cinema has returned to the birthland of Bollywood! The Legendary Metro Cinema was built in 1938 and used to screen only the MGM’s productions. The city of Mumbai is where Bollywood resides and the people of Mumbai love cinema! The cinema has always lived up to its legacy. The Metro […]

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