12 Movies That Were Banned In India But Really Appreciated Abroad

For a moment in time, the Indian Censor Board went all ban baja baraat, objecting to content in movies left, right and centre. But even though there may be objectionable or challenging content, audiences in the country are demanding that art and agenda be kept separate. For creators to be given some liberty over their […]

This Is The Other Queen In ‘Padmavati’ No One Is Talking About

‘Padmavati’ is more than just about Rani Padmini portrayed by Deepika Padukone. Although, the fate of ‘Padmavati’ is still uncertain. There is a lot the audience will be missing out on if the movie doesn’t end up releasing. There is no doubt that it is a cinematic masterpiece and the actors look stunning. There is […]

We Summarized Your Favorite Bollywood Movies In Six Words And We Don’t Regret Anything

Picture abhi chhoti hai mere dost… Bollywood is a spectacle for a huge chunk of Indian population. Families plan their weekends around the movie that is releasing that Friday. Considering that movie time in our country is loosely equated with a good time with family, we often ignore the fact that most of our movies […]

10 Incredible Hindi Movies That Left Us Wondering What Happens After The End

There are some works of fiction in the Bollywood industry that are simply beyond explanation. They have woven human intricacies into fictional stories and everybody is left with just a single choice, to connect with the characters. While we may have our regrets for converting shallow stories into 100 crore films, there is another off […]

These 10 Movies Have Sold The Maximum Number Of Tickets In The History Of Indian Cinema

In today’s time, for a film to be successful, it needs to reach the 100/200/500 crore target but back in the day, a film’s success was determined by the number of days the movie stayed in the theaters for.  Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was shown on a daily basis at the Maratha Mandir theater in […]

Why This Nawazuddin Siddiqui Film Is Releasing 4 Years After It Was Premiered In Cannes

Amit Kumar’s ‘Monsoon Shootout’ starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui is finally set to hit the theatre on 15th December 2017. Source A story that was Amit’s idea in the 90s when he was a student of Film And Television Institute Of India; was produced into a movie with a British producer in 2000 but it was only in 2011 […]

6 Cricketers Who Unconditionally Fell In Love With Bollywood Actresses

India is equally head over heels over cricket and Bollywood. Cricket being the most dedicatedly watched sport is the only thing that equates Bollywood entertainment for our country. So what happens when our favourite cricketers get married to B-town beauties? Well, we all get super excited and happy to get the best of both worlds. […]

Mumbai, The Iconic Metro Cinema Reopened After A Short Break And It Looks Stunning!

An all-new and shiny Metro Cinema has returned to the birthland of Bollywood! The Legendary Metro Cinema was built in 1938 and used to screen only the MGM’s productions. The city of Mumbai is where Bollywood resides and the people of Mumbai love cinema! The cinema has always lived up to its legacy. The Metro […]

This Scene From Padmavati’s New Song ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan’ Has A Major Hint About The Movie

Just one symbolism that ties Padmavati’s poster and trailer I was out on Saturday, watching movies when the song, ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan‘ was released. The first thing that my friend and I did was stop everything and go to Youtube. The movie Padmavati and its songs have made me so excited that I am […]

We Summarised Your Favourite Bollywood Movies Using Whatsapp Chats & The Results Are Brutal

What’s up, Whatsapp? Back in the day, Bollywood named three essentials for human life – roti, kapda aur makaan. With the advent of technology, our generation has successfully managed to add two more elements to this list – mobile phones and movies. So we did what every responsible netizen should; we mixed Bollywood and Whatsapp […]

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