Here’s How IPL Contracts Actually Work After The Players Have Been Auctioned To Teams

In the recent auctions, we saw how certain IPL teams didn’t hesitate to break the bank for the players they wanted in their team. While audiences are taken aback looking at contracts worth crores being handed out to these cricketers, it becomes important for us to understand how these contracts work. IPL presents different types […]

Statistics Reveal That As Of 2017 India’s Richest 1% Own Most Of The Country’s Wealth

India has always been a country of wonky wealth distribution. Source Taking income disparity as well as lingual barriers into consideration, there is a significant shift in both wealth and facilities from rural to urban areas. However, the divide isn’t that simple either. From a lack of equal opportunity to bias rooted in everything from […]

Kaun Banega Crorepati – What Denomination Comes After The Famous Crore?

Maybe it’s just because I’m too poor to bother thinking about it, but honestly what comes after crore? Source Crorepati is word deeply drilled into India’s public consciousness. Maybe because our box-office measures earnings in it or maybe it’s because Amitabh Bachchan’s voice was just that damn good. But if there are amounts above 1000 Crores […]

Pandya Brothers Wash Their Dirty Linen In Public, Sehwag To The Rescue

Mumbai Indians, apart from being the first team to enter playoffs of the Indian Premier League 2017, has also made headlines now for a dirty spat between two of its star players. The two players or rather siblings have played a considerable role in taking Mumbai to the top of the point table. Yes, we […]

5 Common Indian Superstitions And What Do They Mean

We all have grown up with our parents, grandparents restricting us with certain activities. “Don’t cut nails in the evening”, “Don’t cut hair on Saturdays”, “If the lizards fall on you, it’s a bad luck”, “Pigeon shit is good luck ” and what not. Another day, I was conversing with my mum, casually told her that […]

Android Users, Google Now Lets You Send And Receive Money Through Gmail

Google is known to bring new and different updates. Last year they launched their very own ‘Google Pixel’, their personal version of ‘Siri’, i.e. Google Assistant. While I won’t go into the details but here’s the good news – “Users of the Gmail app for Android will now be able to send or request money […]

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