Begin Your Week With A Dose Of Laughter With These 14 Hilarious Tweets

Making Monday’s great again! Feeling gloomy? Here are some funny tweets to motivate you to rock your week!

12 Funny Tweets That Will Cheer Up Any Gloomy Monday Blues Away!

Mondays are brutal. They come as a rude shock after a relaxing weekend. The weekend somehow seems to pass faster than expected and you are left with a hollow feeling on the first day of the week. The hustle begins again. Getting up and slaying the day needs motivation for some of us. Here are […]

#MondayMotivation With Hero Alom Bogra, Twitter’s One And Only King Of Action And Romance

Mondays are and forever will be the worst day of the week. For most people, it starts terribly. For those who wake up happy, it will end terribly. But not for Hero Alom Bogra. Source Which is why we must look to this man for wisdom that will help us take on the week. That will […]

#MondayMotivation – 10 Inspiring Thoughts From The Most Hated Man On Twitter – KRK

KRK has a reputation. Not a good or necessarily a bad one. He just does. In fact, for all the people who hate him, he embodies everything Twitter stands for. Freedom of speech, a platform to express personal thoughts, and being a bit of a dick. Even though the man gets it right every now and […]

12 Funny Tweets That Will Give You Some Serious Monday Motivation!

Joining back to work, school or college after a blissful Sunday is tough. You might be cursing yourself, thinking what did you do so wrong in your life to feel so miserable about resuming routine again. Stay with me though. Because in a few minutes, your Monday will get less sucky. #MondayMotivation Instead of focusing […]

7 Useful Tips For Not Having A Bad Monday EVER Again!

Monday blues can be brutal to the best of us.  Worried that you have just few hours of your weekend left on your hand? Or maybe you are having that nervous rumble in the pit of your stomach, when you think about the day. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Instead of letting this day […]

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