Sridevi Declared The Best Actress At National Film Awards For Her Performance In ‘Mom’

Sridevi has been declared the Best Actress at the 65th National Film Awards for her performance in the film Mom. Mom was her last feature-length film where she co-starred alongside Akshaye Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. She played the role of an estranged mother who had to avenge the rape and murder of her daughter after […]

Mogambo Is Going To Make A Comeback With Mr. India 2, Confirms Sridevi

Those who have loved the iconic villain Mogambo, have a reason to rejoice now. The legendary antagonist is going to make a comeback in our lives with Mr. India 2, confirmed Sridevi. Source Mogambo was the villain in the 1986 cult classic Mr. India. The role was immortalized by the classic dialogue, “Mogambo khush hua”. […]

Trailer 2 of Sridevi’s ‘Mom’ Is Here And You Should Be Marking 7th July Right Now!

The ‘Mr. India’ girl might have stopped holding our heartbeats in her hands, yet, whenever she makes a comeback, she surely has a story to tell. When Sridevi came back to the screen with ‘English Vinglish’ the country watched and agreed. This time too she is no mood to keep us calm. Sridevi is coming […]

Reema Lagoo Passed On Today And Bollywood Is Expressing Their Love For The Iconic Actress

As Indians, we all have multiple mothers to look up to. From our very own at home to the multitudes on screen. Nirupa Roy, Farida Jalal, Zohra Sehgal and of course, Reema Lagoo. They’ve helped us through just about as much as our moms at home and then some. Which is why Reema Lagoo’s death […]

8 Coolest Moms Of Bollywood Who Redefined Onscreen Motherhood

Bollywood is pretty slow to change stereotypes, especially the ones it spent decades in nurturing. One of the common stereotypes is the ‘Indian mom’ category. Indian moms in Bollywood films are usually Sanskari, always nice and rarely do they lose patience. They always stand by lead actors to provide them timely advice. Off-late the stereotypes […]

A Happy Mother’s Day To The 7 Shittiest Moms In Bollywood!

You know all about the quintessential Bollywood mother. The woman who supports you, makes your dreams come true. She’s noble, supportive, played by either Zohra Sehgal or Farida Jalal. Typically above the age of 55. She’s the best. You love that mom. But there are mothers in Hindi movies who are just…the worst. They’re rude, […]

Sridevi Is Not The Only Interesting Element Of ‘Mom’ Teaser

The teaser of the Sridevi starrer ‘Mom’ released yesterday, and it has left us intrigued. The upcoming thriller shows a lot of promise, almost in the vein of ‘Kahaani’ from a few years ago. Sridevi is back, and how. She does so few movies that every time she appears on our screens, it seems like […]

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